Friday, December 23, 2011

The very special day that is celebrated all around the world!

Hey guys!First of all, Merry Christmas!!
I know its another one day till christmas,but I am very excited about it.Firstly,it is because this year,I am celebrating christmas with my family (after 2 years in UK),secondly, the boy will be celebrating with me too:D:D how cool is that?!:)
Well,I got to say,since the beginning of December,I could feel the christmas spirit wherever I go.Shopping malls,radio and TV are all broadcasting about christmas.You could see christmas trees with beautiful ornaments hanging around them,year end/christmas sales are happening in most of the shopping complexes and boutiques and of course christmas songs which are played in the shopping complexes and radio stations.Its fantastic right?The big feasts and presents, everything about christmas is so wonderful..
But do u really know the real meaning of chirstmas?Some say that its Jesus's birthday (He was born on the 25th of dec),thus every christians celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of dec.

But hey my friends, 25th of Dec is not Jesus's birthday.In the bible, the actual date and actual time of Jesus's birth day to this world is not stated.25th Dec is just a date that is chosen to remind us that the son of God was born to this earth in a humble way,in a human form to die for us and save us all. Christmas day is a day for us remember God's promise where He presented His one and only son to the earth to save us all.Jesus came to bring LOVE,PEACE AND HOPE to all of us.
you see,during christmas, people exchange presents.It somehow symbolizes the present that God has given to us---His son.Jesus is not just a story, He is real.Many have questioned about what has been written in the bible,eg Noah's ark,many scientist have been finding ways and evidence to prove that everything is just merely stories,but at the end of the day,they really found evidence and proves that what has been written in the bible is true.

Jesus did came to earth,He did healing and has ASKED us to follow,to pray and to worship only ONE God,--our father in heaven.
Jesus died and rose again for us to have a relationship with God. Christianity is not a religion,it is a relationship with God.No matter what u feel or how u think about it, whenever u needed comfort or someone to go to,do not hesitate to pray and talk to God.He wants to be our friend( no matter how old you are). Believe me,you will somehow find peace in Him.

Till then,Merry Christmas everyone!!:D May the Lord bless you and your family always!I pray that the holy spirit will fill your house and you will one day know God and his amazing plans for u!:) cheerios!

Monday, December 19, 2011

its coming to an end..

Its almost the end of Dec.An ending to a new beginning huh??!!:) Anyway how was your 2011?Is it as great as what you've planned in the beginning of the year?Or is it just another same old plain year?

My 2011 was a superb,filled with adventures and of course filled with alot of assignments and a very stressful exam( my final exam, if u know what i mean)year.I am really grateful that I went through it, definitely with God's help.Without Him,things will never be as good.Praise God for it.

In the first 7 months of 2011,I have been travelling a lot with friends and of course going on a tour with my family definitely gave me a whole new different experience of touring. Because travelling with friends, we stayed in cheap hostels,walked alot and explore/planned everything ourselves.We had to prepare everything beforehand before going to that particular country,but going on a tour with my family,all i need to do is hop on the bus,listen and take pictures!how cool is that?But I've got to say,going with friends definitely is fun and more challenging!However,going with family is far more relaxing and luxurious.:D Both has their pros and cons,but i totally love them all!:D

Lets list down places that I've been to:
1) Ireland
2) London
4) Italy(including capri)
5) Greece (including Santorini)
6) Switzerland
7) Austria
8)Germany(black forest,munich,berlin)
9) Prague
10) Belgium
13) stone hedge(this is damn lame)
14) Scotland
15) Sweden-kiruna was suppose to be in this list but ryanair cancelled our flight!!!!aarrggghh!
17) Vatican city
19) Liverpool etcetc..

I definitely love Santorini alot! Capri was great too!<3 Anyway,I am very lucky to have been able to go to all those places,to see difference cultures and buildings.I wont be able to type down every single thing that I have done in those countries because in every one of them, I have tried and done so many things!Things which I can never forget!And I am also very thankful that I went trips with different group of people,it enables me to know them better,to see and understands them even more!:)

Okay,enough of my trips..because once I start talking about each and everyone of those countries,I think I can never stop~Maybe if u r interested,I can tell u face to face?hehe..

Anyway,throughout this year, I wont say that only good things has happened to me. Bad and unpleasant things definitely has happened too. I am kind of sad when I think back about them. However,it helps me to grow and understands human beings even more! They will only see the bad things about other people and not noticing that they themselves are doing the same thing. Well I guess humans are like that huh..but well,nobody is perfect, we just need to be gracious towards others like how God is to us. :)
Never in a billion years that I would believe that I would say this but yea..em..i dont really have alot of true friends afterall.:) ( But at least i have a few right now rite? thank God for them!:D)

As for my relationship with choonwee, I am very very thankful to God for him. He has and is always so so supportive and sososo patient and sososo good to me.He is my very best friend right now.:) No matter what happens in the future, all these memories will always be remembered!:) <3

I think for the next post,I am going to write about things that I am going to do before 30. My sister lydia has asked me to write it down just for fun~hehe.. I find it quite interesting too.:) well got to go now.. counting down till Christmas day!yay!!The very special celebration of God's promise to us all.. (Maybe i shall write a post on the real meaning of christmas.)

Love Peace Hope!:)

Good night peeps!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

spending time at home.

Been staying at home most of the time since I got back.Reason1 is because I do not have a car,hence I can't go out as I please. Reason 2: I am very lazy and do not have the mood to hang out with friends:P Anyhow,staying at home is not as bad as I thought,although it is a little bit boring at times,but I feel that it is nice to just rest and relax before I face the real world.:)

But nowadays I feel that I would like to work to earn some income as year end is coming,there will be so many events like christmas, birthdays, anniversary:P. Not only that, I need to move and use my brain to prevent it from becoming rusty and of course to see how a pharmacy runs. well well, just hope that I could get a job offer soon~:)

Anyway,last sunday ,church had a small presentation about going for mission trips to cambodia,nepal, sarawak etcetc.. Well,after watching/ seeing the presentation, I think I would like to go for MCPP1 this NOV to be taught and trained on what to do when I go for a mission trips.I am excited to go~~ Hopefully that I will be ready by then:D:D

oh, one more thing, ching yee will be leaving for UK this wednesday. Aikss! :( So sad to see her leave. But a year is quite fast, I just hope that she will enjoy working there and not miss home too much:P

Thursday, September 22, 2011

coming back home~

Have been wondering whether I have made the right choice to come home and work in Malaysia. Well,not staying there doesn't mean that I wont be successful or anything like that right?

okie, every single soul will think that I came back because of choonwee,but hey people,its not just that okie,there's much more stuff in it than that. I am not saying that he is not the reason that I came back,he is,but not like 99%. I have my own plans and I know that UK is really not a place for me. It's so so far from home and i think that working in UK wont bring me far.
I am so lazy to explain alot, so i will just let my achievements talk~

so miss yong,better work hard work smart and prove that coming back home is not a wrong decision! jiayou!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


sometimes aren't u sick of pleasing other people? u try your very best to make both sides happy but at the end of the day,u've made both side not as happy as they want to be because u couldn't give what they've hoped for?

I have always kept this in mind.."everyone fails u but not God"
I really need to always remember that He is the best-est friend that i could ever asked for.I should appreciate and spent more time (mayb most of my time) with Him.. By doing that,I wont be disappointed and all those nonsense anymore.:)

To tolerate other people's character and attitude really requires alot of practice and patience! phew!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Amsterdam..all about tulips windmill and illegal things~tsktsk~ went there with a bunch of people..filled with laughters and craziness..will never forget this trip ever!:D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

have you veer thought of letting go before?































































Thursday, March 24, 2011

uve become my inspiration~:P

okie,it was just yesterday that my sister elaine got her SPM results...

wow..she did welll!!!:) so proud of her...

hehehe...seeing my parents jumping up and down(well they didnt really jump),feeling super happy and proud for my little gave me motivation to study well and graduate this July!!not wanting to disappoint my parents!!!:)

okie!!toodles to focus gaogao!!!

wanna be like my little sister...wanna make my parents proud!*winks*