Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Went campfire on Saturday with 2 super scout freaks..wan wan and john..and 2 no life plp..goeh soon and jaric ..haha..had a really adventurous campfire!!hehe..
We started our journey at around 11 something..went and fetched wan wan at ss15..then fetched jaric from his his house is like super ulu..hehe…jangan marah..
The whole journey,john was talking non-stop De…but almost all of his conversation,he directed towards wan wan..tsk tsk..i felt like I was a very bright lamp post there..distubing them..hehehe..cold jokes n crap-ping, we definitely had them along the whole journey..then around 1plus,we stopped at Tapah for lunch..ate chicken rice and bought jambu air..
Then we continued our journey was raining almost the whole journey..Out of a sudden, geoh soon said something—“Now I know why North South Highway looks so different,it is because all along I drove I’m driving up north..” After hearing that,the 4 of us were taken aback for few seconds..then v sort of teased him saying that he was very smart to notice that..haha…The remaining journey was quite boring for me, as I said John was talking to wan wan I closed my eyes.tried to sleep..i think wan wan was tied too,so she followed my footsteps..haha..both of us hugging our precious pillow n ooi ooi lo..
Maybe it was boring,so the 2 of them in front started asking lame questions..haha…Not long later, it was raining very heavily…Then John said something which made me and wan wan got up instantly..He said tomorrow, the newspaper will have a headline--: scouts on the way to Perak for campfire perished in a car accident…stuff like that..It was so not nice to hear…
Around 2 hours later,we reached Jawi..Took instructions from Jaric’s cousin about the directon to Kerian high school, then we continued our journey there to kerian..On the way to Kerian,it was raining.. Finally,almost 5,we reached Kerian..we registered then head to our classes..then we all changed into our scout uniform..
All of them looked so “ying”,bersemangat..haha..all geng geng de scout..only me le..kelian..hehe..Jaric said I looked very man o..since then he calls me man!!!ish ish..
Then we went n meet Catholic High School’s boy scouts..hehe.all so kecil kecil..but cannot judge a book by its cover right..haha..
Then campfire started..gosh..was disappointed..the campfire was not as fun coz there were no sorakan and it was not so to last last time..when seniors were still here..All of us will be so high..really miss those days when we really get super high during campfire…it was fun!!
There were finalist competing during the was like entertainment for others..then finally..we went dancing!!!not very nice de.haha…had better experiences..hehe..after 15 minutes..we went back to our places and rest..we all sat with phoenix scout troop(my secondary school’s scouts).Then soon, wan wan and jaric met their friends.. Did some introduction..n then they continued talking..hehe..xiang wei ,wei lun and geng were there…talked to them also,just to catch up some stuff bout them..
It was quite boring..
While I was sitting there, Jaric suddenly asked me why no lee hom’s song as there were many jay’s song played... he asked any lee hom song that I want to hear..he said he can request for me coz his cousin was in-charged at the P.A part..then just when he stopped was time for us to go out and enjoy ourselves..then I was so shocked coz I heard lee hom’s “gai shi ying xiong”..i was so so surprise and was like so “ngam”..haha..i went hysterical!!keep shaking jaric..shouting at him,asking how come???!!!he was lucky that he was sitting and not standing..haha.. I also dunno what I’ll do!!! When a person is xing fen..damn hard to control ma..haha..Haha…lucky Jaric!!!

Half way through campfire.. all decided to go Gurney Drive..base on a small tiny map!!!makan makan.. all of us were there till like 2 or 3..then we chao back..hehe..we nearly wanted to sleep at the lobby..haha..

Along the way..soon and jaric took turns driving..It was kind of pack during the journey back coz Sir Tham followed us first I sat ouwards towards the driver’s sit..wan wan n me took usual..i fall asleep..almost the whole journey I was closing my eyes..but I was aware about what’s happening..haha..Mua’s hand kept slipping down..touching stuff..haha haha..Too bad la..!!!HEHE…
Finally..we reached subang..all wnet wan wan’s house n sleep..boost up energy firsy..then went makan makan lo..Pity asoon,,need send us back..haha..he sent jaric back first..then me n wan wan..wan wan stayed my house tat of us teman jaric at his house coz he forgot to bring his house key n there were no1 at home…then soon after his mom reached..soon sent wan wan n me to my house..
Both of us slpt again till Jaric called!!!He was asking about wat to buy 4 His best fren soon!!!ish… was a really adventurous journey!!!haha..really happy e..became close with wan wan..haha…and of coz okok with jaric lo..hehe..n asoon..erm ok only with john..haha..Solute Jaric Ng and Chua Geoh Soon!!!


All of us used this sorakan after campfire..haha..

the small tiny map

me and wan wan

sleeping at a hotel lobby

p/s:there are pictures of all of us..but with John..still waiting 4 him to send..