Monday, January 28, 2008

Do Do Ducks..

At bbq PLAZA..


part of the junk food

on sunday,my orientation group members plus oo went 1u.Actually we wanted to go neway,but the price was far too expensive, so we went bbq plaza,makan our lunch then headed straight to wai jane's house..before tat, me, foo pan, zhi yung ,wai jane n nyuk ching went to the supermarket to buy junk food!!walau..first time in my life i was practically taking things without any consideration!!!like its all FREE!!hehe..

in wai jane's house..all of us went there to sing k

yer look!!ronald with so "xiang sou"..geli!!

Look at cc..cannot tahan!!

all of them are busy watching me SCREAMING when cc attacked me!!tat ALEX recorded the whole scene!!

AFter tat..around 7 plus we went manjalara to eat steamboat!!hehe all of us belanja oo makan side of table keep talking n making noise!!!so noisy..hehe...

after makan,we all went n da bao chicken wing!!!hehe...every1 said the chicken wings damn nice!!hehe...


THANKS OO 4 belanja-ing us da chicken wings!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

P108 Orientataion

Preparation for the orientation started on the 7th of January. we were all separated into groups of 10..wendy,me,ryl,khong hern,Melissa,wilsen were all in different groups…we met our orientation officers(oo),they are ouR seniors. We were asked to name our group n think of a cheer, pick a leader n ass. Leader.. n also not forgetting..picking up names randomly..its a game call guandian angel!!haha..i got SIVA!!!!senior le..damn nice wan..i gave him loads of stuff lo,,he loves chocolates!!!he is a very smart n hard working person wei!!hehe..
That whole week, all of us were busy preparing our costumes for the characters that we picked,our banner n mascot.
On the 14th of January, was our first day of orientation, the theme of that day was heroes vs villain. I was the GREEN GOBLIN!!! I was in green..with purple boxes outside—all thanks to ming hui 4 lending me his boxers..haha..When it was our turn, my whole group—which is the DO DO DUCKS..went up in stage..hehe..after costume inspection, the emcees—Devi n Jeffrey asked me to be the villain to fight with Gimli..haha..i was like saying “how to fight how to fight??” next second, I was already kicking Gimli..haha..then it was Cicak man’s turn..(He was also known as buaya man coz he held a buaya on his hand rather than a lizard)haha..I also just slumberly kick n attack him..hehe..he went hinding behind morto jojo..funny fella..Cheryl n wai jaen told me that I was so GANAS!!haha…
After that, it s treasure hunt time.. my group has 7girls n 4 guys..all of the gals partnered with a guy except for me le..coz wai jaen(cheryl’s sister) said that I so ganas, take a gal with me can le..walau..sob sob..not only ming hui they all, even my group oso thinks that I’m a bit like a guy..ish ish!!!!sob sob..anyway..we finished all of the games n proceeded to the family park to find the treasure.. Actually we were the first team to finish all the staton.but we could not find the last station..we ended up wasting time!!!!Ray told us that we were the only team WITH HOPE!!haiyo..mana tau..when we found the last station,we were told that we were tha 4th team..disappointed, we headed up to the starting point.. ling wei gave us a can of 100plus n asked us to go back to IMU n recycle it after finishing the drink..but then our oo(wai jaen) threw the can at the wrong we didn’t got the clue!!ish..let pom pom-tianak won n got the clue..

Next day, it was mtv night…we had to dress up like the characters in spongebob.. different team has different theme..some got cinderella etc etc..then we had to dance also…my group got las ketchup song..hehe..Our dance was choreograph by tze yung..hehe..we won that day..therefore, we were asked to performed again on Saturday night—retro night!!oh ya..i was not like the character in spongebob—mrs I was punished!!!haiyo..i had to drink garlic plus onion plus salt water..HORRIBLE!!!the smell kills!!!!I held sze ling’s thigh n squeeze it hard..haha..i thk she was in GREAT pain!! She’s the “ying” security..haha..pity her!!!i hope to know her n apologize to her!!hehe..

On the 16th, it was mix n match..i was Indiana jones n my partner was ugly betty..haha…haiyo…funny…khong hern was the terminator.. so geli..he sort of proposed to his partner—cruella!!!aha…then Cheryl was hwe group moscot..pom-pom –tianak!!..wendy was captain Jack sparrow..hehe..she was suppose to create a poem..for her partner rapunzel!!!hehe..funny wei!! On the same day, we had detective game also!!wow!!!we got all dirty n wet!!! I meant really DIRTY!!! We got muds on our every station..seniors will pour garlic water on ue..flour n also chise ink!!!our whole body stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phew!!!!!still can smell the garlic on my hair!!!i threw my shirt n pants away coz the smell was unbearable!!!

Next day…it was our project runway..Our group were asked to use paper cups and plates to make an outfit for our 2 models—zhi yung n alex..hehe…tat afternoon, all of us were busy preparing everything…me n ee lin were in-charged of Alex’s outfit while Doreen n nyuk ching were in charged of zhi yung’s outfit..We took like around 3to4hours to finish the outfit..Alex’s outfit was easy to make ..then when its catwalking time, our group did really well!!!!haha…Judges praised our outfit!!! n eel in were “flying” after hearing tat..haha…after tat, all of us were thinking on a last minute sketch…we included the Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster..Foo Pan acted as the GFSM…funny wei..Every1 laughed their hearts out!!After tat,it was the mould game..we were supposed to write the name of 1 of our group member who we thk is the so-called Group—DO DO DUCKS didn’t write any name!!

On Friday, its Egyptian Night..all of us has our own character to play..i was the mummy.. wrapped around with tissues.. can hardly breath!!!walau…then its our station was ok ok only lo..haha..but fun la…kena pull till so charm!!!bruises everywhere!!

bruises on my hand!!!(BLUE BLACK WEI)

do do ducks n shakey u-lala

After that, of the group gathered at the student’s car park… Seniors requested us to cheer 1 last time..then all of us combine ---singing the PHARMACY song!!!
Pharma pharma

As usual..i was already high at that time!!!haha..Foo pan was like asking me to cool down!!haha!!! Summore all of us like “yue hao” tml after retro night go clubbing!!!haha…NAUGTY SENIORS..hehe…Ray n Foo Pan thought I drank sum alcohol drink..tat’s y I was so high!!haha…

Saturday…in the morning..all of us were already here by 8/9..haha..dunno!!!then my group were in-charged of vista c2..with sze ling..the “ying” senior!!haha..after collecting all the recyclable stuff..we put everything on a lorry..then went back to imu..ate pizza..then practice our dance!!haha..after tat pergi makan..hehe..
Night. retro night…we won the best dressed male, second best group, best signature hunt group n best in modifying sum1 prize—Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster!!!after that its dancing time!!woohoo…as usual damn high oso!!!haha…….danced like mad wei!!! actually after the party.Foo pan asked me to go out with the then go his house drink..but but..they scared tat after i drink i cannot tahan..lagi high then no good lo!!!haha...

Foo pan...1 of my oo!! another oo!!

Selepas itu..balik rumah tidur!!!haha…
People always ask me go clubbing larr since tat night!!haha..jamie naughty gal went clubbing with zhi yung, grace, sum seniors ,alex …..after retro night..hehe…but I of coz didn’t go lo!!

Cheryl..plp say u got clubber look!!haha..funny!!!

Really Love orientation wei!!!!!!thanks P107 seniors!!!

p/s: pictures will be posted after I “claim” them from seniors lo..haha..

Saturday, January 5, 2008


wow the trip was super cool,fun n nice!!Initially we tot that all imu-ians could join this trip..but then only a few could make a nce sesat guy--Steven..haha...on the first day itfelf,we received news tat sam result will be out the next dat..all of s start panic-king..haha..we even promised each other tat we would not tell our results until late tat evening..we should enjoy our trip first..haha...all of us had a reaaly fun time..we kept ourselves busy so that we could enjoy ourselves n forget about reality first...anyway..we really had cool n fun time together...haha..nice n cheap food too..Steven had even made a cd for us to keep..n for those who always forgetting things fast..this cd can come in handy..full of memories!!

all of us in front of our resort

"was!!baris akan beri hormat,dengan comel sekali..up!!"commanded by ming hui

~last day le..although v didnt use dis thingy,but its still part of the v took picture with it!!!~

so what if it is a Vios??My v overtook it!!!

the BEST driver ever!!if u sit in his myv,it feels like u r sitting in a vios..!!
In the car,v always say ah soon very geng,shuai n good,,but ming hui lagi geng,lagi good lagi shuai hor!!haha..

woohoo..the happening car!!!! heading towards Pangkor!!!``~~

wah..damn bza lo..haha..ask to take us..u took urself pula!!