Monday, March 24, 2008

finally..erm well sort of..

for the pass 2 weeks..P108 students were only studying studying studying..we had our biopharm exam on the 21st of march den on the following monday, we had our bioscience exam!!!it was sooooo stressful!!!biopharm was quite hard..biopharm is one of the hardest subject in pharmacy so far..hehe...every1 studied like nobody's business...hehe..after the exam,all of us studied super damn very hard for our bioscience exam..all of us were suppose to squeeze every single thing in that book into our brain..from chapter 1 to 12,minus chapter 11..n the worst thing is,the book is like those kind of reference book that any1 can find it in the library..never once that it occured in me that i will one day had to read those kind of book!!!NEVER!!!!!neway after reading that book..i've notice that i have the worst memory ever!!!mmm...anyway all of us had sat for the test..hehe...let's hope for the BEST lo..haha...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

foos foos

today after lunch,mel,ryl,dy.khong hern me and wee kiat went to the student lounge coz we didnt wanto see those medicine's"prince of wilds"(hope i spelled correctly) doing wu liao stuff..hehe..when we reached.i was attracted by the foos table..hehe..i went there to check it out..asking loads of question about it..hehe..mel,wee kiat n khong hern was kindly explaining to me!!hehe..thanks guys..neway,ryl n wendy was just hanging around..then khong hern came out with a great idea..hehe..v used those white pool ball to play..v covered the holes with files..then we started our game..while we were playing syiok-ly..hehe..our senior ray saw us..then i thk he saw us so kelian,he took out some coins..put it in ..n "puff!!"there were small red balls appearing.i was so facinated!!haha..then we started with the game..those experienced foos player used water bottle to close the that we can play longer!!!hehe..i was so gan cheong i kept playing "cheat"..khong hern used that word to describe how i played just now!!it was soosoo fun!!every1 was laughing..dun noe wat was so funny!!hmmph!!!neway i was happily playing..hehe..i sort of held my opponent's stick..hehe...guess tat's y khong hern said i was cheating lo..ray oso gat balas balik lo..he held my stick oso.sob..but i was leading him!haha..then ryl,khong hern n mel joined the game..before that.geoh soon's dubai fren oso played with us!!hehe..Navin did helped me to score 1!!haha..thanks navin!!then the 4 of us played..hehe..was so much fun!!!!i thk we won rite ryl??hehe..neway going to play again bit addicted liao...die!!all coz of ........hehe..neway wendy was busy tat time..talking to SENIOR~!!haha..

Friday, March 7, 2008


today after uni..went for a movie--Jumper..with khong hern,cheryl,wee kiat,melissa n jiuh wei..long time didnt see jiuh wei liao..cheryl n me kind of miss him..hehe...the movie was at 3.30..we went for brunch,walk around while waiting for jiuh wei to meet us..hehe...then since we still have time,we teman jiuh wei to mac d to makan his lunch,then we headed to the cinema..i dunno wat's wrong with TgV..the cinema was so so so freaking cold..cheryl n i were all curled up like udang only..finding holes to "sai"our legs..haha..i cant coz wee kiat wat beside me..bit pai seh..but ryl ryl xing fu lo..coz khong hern n jiuh wei beside her..she can just "sai" anywhere..hehe..Jumper was not nice..i mean the story line..hmmm..after movie,we decided to go for we all went to our car..then jiuh wei asked me whether he can drive my car anot to find his car..haha..he was so 1st he saw a car looks like his,so he said "oh thats my car"..then manatau its not..then he went 1 round..he went bac to da same spot..saying"oh tat's my car"..all of us were quite blur,coz we were at the same spot as just now..haha..then all of us started to burst out laughing..he got bit blur edi..hehe...after that we found his car lo,so we went out of pyramid..sent melissa back then o makan..i'll let the pictures do the talking..

khong hern n wee kiat.."the gay" partner..

haha,he went n ask whether they sell maxis!!coz in ming tian,digi uncle sells maxis top up credit

this was the car that jiuh wei mistaken as his

jiuh wei n ryl in his car

my car..mel,wee kiat,khong hern

khong hern's n ryl's n wee kiat's n mel's dish

the new dish cost about rm5!!damn expensive!!

we found dis!!wendy's shop!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

flood flood

mmm..left uni today at around 4 after both cal classes..on the way back started raining..the rain was like pouring like nobody's business..hehe...super heavy..its SUPER heavy..hehe..agak scary lo coz alone ma..neway reached home safely..thankgoodness..hehe..

haha masih sempat take picture.the yellowish thingy is the accumulated rain Myv had to go through that!!hope that 282 is allright!