Thursday, September 22, 2011

coming back home~

Have been wondering whether I have made the right choice to come home and work in Malaysia. Well,not staying there doesn't mean that I wont be successful or anything like that right?

okie, every single soul will think that I came back because of choonwee,but hey people,its not just that okie,there's much more stuff in it than that. I am not saying that he is not the reason that I came back,he is,but not like 99%. I have my own plans and I know that UK is really not a place for me. It's so so far from home and i think that working in UK wont bring me far.
I am so lazy to explain alot, so i will just let my achievements talk~

so miss yong,better work hard work smart and prove that coming back home is not a wrong decision! jiayou!

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