Saturday, April 12, 2008

funny Cell member

yesterday i went for cell at dream centre...hehe..when i reach there,i saw a new guy in my cell group.. i tot nobody knew who's tat i just sat there talking taiking..i was the only girl there!!!then james asked me whether i know who is he..then i said nope!!!hehe...mana tau james asked me to introduce myself..coz all of them knew who is he..i was super pai seh le...all of them were looking at me..james pula asked me to sit near him..alamak...after like 10 minutes then only i opened my mouth...introducing myself..ish...damn pai seh..semua cell group member's mata were looking at me...after a while..we started worshipping..then half way through,kor kor came..hee...then james,my cell leader was talking about submission..then half way through he was asking about whether we know wat is a mustard seed...then all of us were like  uh uh??mustad got seed ke??hehe...then james started to explain..out of a sudden,one of my cell member said"oh!!!!!"then james asked him why he said oh..then he said the mustard seed will grow into a big tree then can climb then got giant all those...the moment he said that..all of us burst out laughing..!!!that cell member tot that james was talking about jack n the beanstalk...aduhai....we laughed for quite some time..really zha dao le...yesterday cell was soooooo funny..full of jokes..but that beanstalk thingy became the joke of the day!!haha!!