Thursday, July 23, 2009

What is LOVE?

If you love some one because
You think that he or she is really gorgeous...
Then it's not love..

If you love some one because
You think that you shouldn't leave her because
Others think that you shouldn't ...
Then it's not love..
It's - COMPROMISE. . .

If you love some one because
You have been kissed by h
Then it's not love..

If you love some one because
You cannot leave her thinking that it would hurt his feelings ..
Then it's not love ..
It's - CHARITY. . .

If you love some one because
You share every thing with her ...
Then it's not love..
It's - FRIENDSHIP. . .

But if you feel the pain of the other person
More than her even when she is nt sharing
wid u and if you cry for her ..

That's - '''''

Friday, July 17, 2009


on thurs class testwas officially done~

went home,bath then watched harry potter and the half blood prince..

went n buy the ticket 2 days knew that i wanna watch that movie so he brought me to mid valley to buy the ticket~~hehehehe...thanks you so so much~~

i was like looking so so sad when mel told me that she was going to watch with ahem ahem this friday...which is today...wonder how was it...hahahaha..:P

neway i looked at him...with that despite having to study for class test..he brought me to mid valley to buy~!!yay~!!

then we saw geoh soon with lesley there..both of them went there to watch public enemies plus buy hp tickets...they copied us~~~ish ish..:P

neway the movie was climax...the book was way better~!!!read the book instead..hehehe..but then if i didnt watch it on thurs,and ppl keep telling me its boing...i will still wanna watch it~~~lalalala~~tat's means must do/watch...hehehe...  :)

anyway...ate carl's junior..saw alot of P108 batch mates...mmm.. we then walked- walked while then cabut home..was so so tired..but i played worm while on  psp...hahahaha...neway..had a GREAT day !!!~~~

Sunday, July 12, 2009


ish...hate exams~!!!

need to study... which also means~~~

no sms-ing with baby...

which also means less time spend talking to baby~!!!!:(


p/s:miss u~:(

Friday, July 10, 2009

reality hurts~

Got to noe some stuff lately...

i think ppl are weird..when they saw some small thingy..they will want to know more about that "thing"...

but eventually when they got to know about the "thing" that they want to know so much..

they'll wish that not know bout "them"...

cos they know that they'll be better off not knowing!~

weird uh!~

human beings~.....mmm....


so insecure right now..dun ask me why~:)

mayb ........mmm... just not ur type...that's y u are  still keeping that memory of yours~ :)

congrats raquel yong~

The minute i stepped into my home, mummy n raquel were like asking me to guess a good news..they looked so i gave all my gueeses..

me = new car?


me=new house>>~~~@!!

mum=nope!!y u everything bout things wan?

me=haiyo..dunno..i go toilet first..

after toilet-ing

me=ooohhoohoh!!! LYDIA getting married?

mum=yeah rite..who is she getting married with?

me=then dun tell me RAQUEL??


then i went to raquel..asked so what?

raquel=i got UPM!!!can study foundation there!!!then can persue vet in local uni!!!

me=wahwahwah!! no monre AIMST?hehhe..

she was like appealing for so many times..seriously...alot of time!!!praying so so hard for this!!!finally...GOOD for her..she got what she wanted!!!!


God is GREAT!!~:)

dear fiona!!!GO AND STUDY LA!!!~~*SLAP SLAP*WAKE UP!! no time liao!!~*slap harder*

Sunday, July 5, 2009


went shopping in the morning with mum n sisters...bought few stuff~then headed back home..went massaging with mummy...was my first time tho...i had to take off my clothes n all...i was so so shy la...yeeerrr....n the massage is was so so so painful...the mak cik was like...banyak angin dik..banyak..tahan sikit mum said the mak cik didnt use alot of energy while massaging..i was like..uh?sure bo?cos its RRREEAALLLYY..painful!!!~~

oh my gos....dunno how to describe the pain..!!then my mum asked the mak cik massage my long time injured went "krrrkkk" when she held my my hand its kind of painful le..:( hope that it will recover asap~~

but then..after the whole body body felt i can feels so to sleep early...tml going to church~good nite!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

I.MISS .U is BACK!!!!

finally~!!!I.MISS.U very first outing in like so many months!!!!

we gathered together for this guy~!!!jaric ng lili!!!!

see his retarded face!!!!ish...hehehhe...

me kh n wendy were the earliest to reach we went n cari tempat for dinner!we found this place call fig n olive~the environment was nice...we can see the whole sunway lagoon..but then the food sucks...n we kept hearing arabian songs..hahah...jaric was like keep asking.."eheh can put chris brown song a"~~nway we all ate our stuff while waiting for the two super late comers...lik xiang soo tot n sityee lai cheryl!! so we snap snap snap banyak pictures before lai sit yee came...hahahaha...tat's the reason y she didnt upload the "before she came" pictures~!!

top=this is sunway hotel...

below=sunway lagoon~

us~soon,dee,me,lili n khong hern~

me and the guys...jaric!!!y u touching my face?now i got pimple there edi!!!

ahem~!!the two potential human beings to be called as couple?ahahahhha..

then those two came n joined us~sang song for that guy!n took pictures..

see those tsk tsk tsk la...18sx!..there were kids watching them posing!!

lalalala~~~~ryl ryl..look at ur lips!loooonnnnggg~~~kenot wait to kiss me hor~!!:P

hor hor hor!!!~~~lesley!!!see ryl ryl!!!!:P:P:P

after that..the birthday boy requested to go to a park to eat his we all went to a park near CHS to eat his cake..soon terpaksa go..hahahah...

us~i.miss.u-ians minus lei lei...she is in aussie tasmania with her LEE...she dun wan us le!!:(

the guys in i.miss.u!!!

will forever be together!~

eheh...should have just kicked him down..then i will have more stuff to write...hahaha...

we tried to running to the camera thingy...see..we all looked so so so freaking happy...n noe wat..we were really happy that moment!

shoulder on shoulder ..forever together we shall be~

do re mi!~~~

this gal again patahkan her shoe!gosh..since SAM...dunno how many shoes u patahkan!!!then the nice lik xiang "meh" her!!~

after the park session..jaric wannna yum chua geoh soon had got no choice but to follow..haha..cos he had to go home n study..but...too bad...his brother ma...heheh..

after that we all balik le...then contacted chris...n sook yee..another yum cha session..we talked talked n talked in mac d till all of us like dead salted fish...hehhe..then balik rumah sleep like dead fish oso...:P