Sunday, June 22, 2008

Night Of FiRE(16/6 till 22/6)

it was an awsome experince for me..i went on thurs n also on sat..both days were reallt amazing...i can really see God's miracles...
on thurs,i've asked ryl ryl,wendee n all to go..haha..but i noe for them,its boring coz pastor daniel was like talking and preaching..hehe..i should have brought them when there's concert or games..sorry time will be a better then ryl n wendee sort of went to the
toilet,then when its alter calling time..wai hong n khong hern went out..left me n shien nee,plus iris n stephanie..we(iris,shien nee and me) went infront,kneeled n was praising God..i as beside yi von..we can hear cries,laughters..every1 was touched by the holy was,in actual fact as also touched by the holy spirit..i did shien nee..but she "tahan" her tears..but i can hear yi von was crying really loud..mmm..then on sat,i went to churchl..the whole session was again wonderful!!
then on sunday, my sis told me that on monday there's another session,so all of us went on was Pastor Phillip from SIB Sabah(i thk) was sososososo nice!!wonderful!!!n of coz NOT BORING at all..i was laughing all the time..hehe..he told us about many miracles that had happened..n that includes his "miracle daughter"..his daughter was brought back from death..he experinced it himself..his daughter was accidentally hung by a romp,and her whole face was black..but miracle happen when he prayed..his daughter was brought back to life!!!!
We went back before the whole thing ended coz it was late..n i'm glad that i went to the night of fire..coz if not..then i'll be missing all these things!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

tiring day..

today i didnt go 4 stat's class coz i thk i slp at home better then going to her class..she is like talking to herself..then went for physio n oso lan bm..haha..after that went for cheer practise..2hours plus of was fun actually..ryl ryl n me are the base..super hard lo..need to have technique n also strength..we lifted zhi yung(cheer captain),yi lin(i hope i spelled her name correctly) n also jia carry up zhi yung is easy..hehe..neway me n ryl having internal injuries now..haha..neway after,wendee n all went 4basketball till like 7 plus..damn tiring now...hehe...going to slp ya...lazy..tired...haha..good nite!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

wai hong's birthday..

on the first day of school..after class,we went pyramid to celebrate wai hong's birthday..actually its a late celebration..his b'day was actually on sunday..neway me,wendee n ryl ryl went first coz we need to prepare some stuff..actually we planned to go red box coz we could suprise him better there,but then ended up we celebrated in WENDY'S..

So we started our mission..we went n bought a mini aquarium and also some small decoration for the mini aquarium..after buying..we(ryl n me) went n prepare the mini aquarium..wash everything,put the gappie fishes in their new home..whereas wendee went n buy the cake..then all of us met at WENDY's..the guys went n order their food first..the gals..sitting down waiting for wai hong to come back..
when he came back.wendee tried to distract him..i was like laughing inside..poor wai hong..he wanted to eat his burger,but b4 he could open his burger,wendy just grabbed his me n wendee acted like we were so interested on his burger..ryl ryl was the 1 whom push away the cake n gave him the suprise..he was like "uh"!!!haha...SUPRISE le..

while eating..wendee said so much of lame stuff..cannot tahan le..haha..we talk n laugh talk n laugh...took pictures too..that wendee hor..keep making me,khong hern n wee kiat post with her..if interested,u guys can go to ryl ryl's blog n see those pic..haha..even the next door lady was laughing at us..!!!

after eating we went n buy movie ticket..we watched long khong..not scary but disgusting..neway i'll let the pictures do the talking coz i;m kind of lazy to type..hehe..

the b'day boy..

 the cake..see the "red flag"?its wendee's idea..she was so pround of WENDY'S!!

wendee posing with hong hong and dydy..

making wee kiat do the "blowing" thingy..

wee kiat..are u blowing or u wan2 drink it?? 

ryl ryl with her gappies

the mini aquarium..

yi zhe,wai hong n ryl ryl

wee kiat me wendee n khong hern..(he tried to "seduce" those fishes with hs finger..

wow..the something..hehe..

wendee suddenly asked"hey any of u guys having milk?"
then all of us were like "uh??for wat??"
then she la..coz kh's cow wan2 drink..
all of us were like "swt!!"

proving that she single..haha..

the wendee n the wai hong..hehe..

these 2 look like they sedang "mao gai"(in cantonese) den suddenly found out about this poster..

super "ai yen" la u wee kiat..

all of us..

oh dis is kim gary's menu..we went there to yum cha,then wee kiat ordered a drink,so wendee asked him..u like blue rite..then he i like she changed the "ice blue fruit punch" to "ice green fruit punch"..then when the waiter was checking..he pointed to 159 n asked..wat is dis?haha...all of us burst out laughing..

after that me,ryl,wendee n khong hern went manjalara for steamboat..
ryl ryl waited for her dad in my house till 12..then i went n tidur..sleepy..haha..but luckily next day's class started at 11.45..

Thursday, June 5, 2008

quite true..


staying at home~~

today...i'm doing nothing special..just feel like spending time doing nothing today...
petrol price went out which= cant go out too petrol!!!!
feeling sleepy larr...not sure why but just feel like sleeping the whole nice if the sun is taking a day off..then outside will not have'll be dark whole day..then i can sleep whole day..haha...coz u see,if there's light,ur brain will produce melatonin ,a kind of hormone which wakes u up...haha!!

neway celebrated mum's bithday 12 midnight.while she was sleeping,we went into her room..with a cake..then woke her up n sang birthday song to her..she was like "uh??" "wat happen"!!haha...funny..after that prayed a while then went back to bed..
then in the morning,we went for breakfastafter that i went home but they followed my sis to cheras to meet her supplier..i was at home alone..updating blog..then around evening,my aunt came to my house..having dinner together..after dinner cut the cake thta my aunt bought then they went home coz it's kind of late already..

her birthday was ok..hehe..she received a card from my niece who is staying t the back row of my house..adelyn drew a card for my cute..n touching!!!!mum was happy i guess..

that's all i guess..hope that mum was happy ..hehe..

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

from a friend..her story.. fren called me the other day..telling me about something..its like tis..
she planned a suprise birthday for her boyfriend..called one of his gang's fren coz she wan that guy to sort of call his classmates lo..coz she dun really noe them..then after few weeks(she planned the party like ages ago)..the fren didnt give any respond..meaning didnt tell her anything..

so 2 days before his birthday,she messaged that fella again..then mana tau tat guy said only their gang can go lo..but then cannot do as wat my fren had planned coz sum r having class till 4..some have to cancelled her plan..i mean come on..have the brains to message plp earlier rite..walao my that fren bit stupid nia...if i was her..sure tat guy gao lat!!ahahaha..neway continue my story..then that guy message
back asking or not they'll suprise him in his house the gal said ok lo..then he ask if u wanna join oso can..then she was like asking will it be ok if she joins..but that guy didnt she tot he'll reply her..but he when it's a dayb4 his birthday..they went out..(cant make it on his birthday coz of some reason which she didnt tell)haiyo..neway she drove..coz his birthday she insisted in driving..then the whole day..the gal was like "pakat-ing" with the guy..messaging all the way through..of coz it's hard to estimate wat time can they leave the place they r in they were all ready when its around 8 plus..but the boyfren of hers didnt wan to go back that they left the place aroud 9..since my fren n her boy fren was late..the "suprise team" at home went for dinner..hungry..b4 leaving the place my fren her boy was in,she messaged th “surprise team”

but then the"suprise team" told her..oh u leave him at his house la..v tak sempat go back..u see the word "leave" means that they didnt wan her there lo..k.k..she tot of not making any conclusion she waited for another message..then when she n her boy almost reaching his house,they messaged her again..asking where r she said that they r going to reach..then the guy asked her to delay 15min..they finish makan, reaching after 15min..then drop him at his house..see the word drop???it clearly shows that they didnt wan her she had to drop him there n go back home..she was quite sad coz it was actually it was her idea to suprise him..if it wasn't for her..they will only go out 4dinner with him..but then the idea of suprising him at his house was their she dint have the right to be upset..but then she just cant control her sadness wor..

actually her plan was to ask all of them to gather at red a room..then they oso pakat with red box so that it'll look real ma..manatau..everything burn!!!
neway she received a message from her boy that goes like dis"they r all in my room le..hehe..xia si me.."(he oso expected only dinner) .he sounded so happy..she was like speechless..she was not there to see n experience his “surprise-ness”..but then as long as he is happy..she's's just that he didnt give those kind of respond to her the whole day when they were out..i mean those damn happy feeling..that's y she was quite sad..but then after receiving his message saying he was very happy that she spent time with him today..she felt so much better..mmm..then today she messaged me n told me that..
as long as he is happy..she is she didnt mind about yest guys??wat's ur comment about this??haha...

i am sooo lucky that i got a gang which is 10000000000000000 times better than that guy's gang.....mmm...thanks imu-ians!!!

the day we went out...2/6/ the day we met him

ok~~~on 2/6/08...we went n eat dinner to celebrat one of imu-ian's birthday..he is in aussie wat i wrote in the previous while we were eating..i saw a guy with a cat on his shoulder..its not like those cute this...

but its like dis!!!!ok~dis pic i found is cuter!!haha..more or less the same la..stray cat..

i was pushing ryl's hand wheni saw the cat..i asked her.."how come got plp 'll bring n even rare cats"??!!
then when i saw his face..i
was like..."ryl ryl ryl ryl ryl ryl..iisississisis that chaoo geegege??!!
she was like so blur..looking at the direction i was looking..she became ice!!!!!both of our heart was beating soooo fast!!!!!walao!!!!u can hear if u r sitting beside us...
after looking at him sitting down eating..we were discussing whether to approch him to get his signature...haha..was sooosooo excited..didnt expect to see him there...

after few hours..we saw him getting up..we were like alamak..going liao..faster go take picture le..
manatau the boss of the shop asked him we followed them oso...tak kira..must take pic with him!!!!then after few minutes..the owner was like..ok can take..3 of us straight away went infront..haha..took pic with him..ryl ryl summore talked to him...told him that his song sare nice..he was like.."oh xie xie!!'..i thk ryl's heartbeat was fast like nobody's business!!

this is GARY CHAO GE!!

i did not dare to stand near him coz he had cat on his shoulder..haha..neway..was happy le...those pictures taken in ryl's hp was not clear le...but luckily..the owner of the shop took now we are waitnign for tat gal to send to ryl time must wear nicer if we are going there seems like many celebrities goes there..the little gal oso said next target is LEE HOM!! my eyes was popping out when i heard his name..haha...but she said not ure wor..!!haiyo..haha...!!if lee hom..i'll SURELY FAINT!!!haha..

haha..she loves me!!!

 there..chao ge n his frens i thk..manager ke??

the blur pic o..oh ya..the gal in pink keep going near gary..which also means blocking soon's face..haha..he kept complaining!!'s better to be late then never!!!

haha..kk..since ryl ryl keep complaining that i dun update my "blog-whoring" time..damn lame but it's my live with it man!!
First of all...Ming hUI aka UdAng...
HaPpY BiRthDAy !!(actually i wished him already on his birthday)now its just a post about him nia.."fu yan" him abit..

BlUr UdAnG!!!

A.K.A ming hui!!

it all happens on 30th of August 2007..(actually i met him at the beginning of 2007,soon introduce him to me..i stilll remembered that i ask whether ming hui n meng jin r random rite??!!) anyway..on 30th of August is a very special day!!haha...not because that i got to noe him,but actually becoz its mua's birthday!!hahahahaha...

ok let's go to the main point..i was glad that miss shoba ended class early that day,coz because of her..every1 got to cake n stuff..haha..pity then that they had to go through a hard time entering my house.(this shows how geng is my kakak!!)neway n becoz of miss shoba, soon cannot send udang back he had to follow them to my house!!! ALL THANKS TO miss shoba...
i got to know udang
ONCE AGAIN..coz according to him.he dun remember knowing m3 wor..sob sob...(heart broken)...anyway....last year...after my birthday..i got to know all(i.miss.u) of them..our relationship got better...haha..we spent most of our time together le..i see them every single day..from morning to nite...
here's something about udang lo....
~he is one in 10 who is allergic to sea food with shells..haha..
~his remedy for his allergic is COKE!!!!(for once..drinking coke is beneficial)
~he said that my writing "si pe" ugly...sob sob
~he is a GooO

D DriVeR!!" ITS MYV BUT IT FEELS LIKE VIOS"...clpa clap for ming hui..!!
~NiCE guy
~smart ass...
~gentleman..seriously..a gentleman..
~a GoOd fren of mine..n of coz imu-ians..haha
~he is An imu-ian
~in uni..
~coming back soon..yay!!!!!!
~he misses us loads..haha...
~he has "the duh" look..which i'll always get to see coz wat i said alwys made him giving that look..haha..
~hE is single lo..gals...grab ur chance!!!!!grab him k??!!haha..
~hardly online de..
~seldom reply sms...(if reply oso soooooooo short!!) gek si...!!
~told me that
jay's song is nicer then lee hom!!!!(smack him!!! doink!!)

haiyo..wat else a....haha...cant thk le...but i thk once u noe him..then u can man man fa jue more about him la k?

neway...udang a...we did celebrat ur bithday k??me soon n ryl ryl..haha...
went n eat steamboat!!!!see the pictures as prove k??haha...n because of ur birthday..we met HIM!!!!haiyo...although U DIDNT pick up the phone..but since u messaged us..hen dis time suan lo..haha..n since we got to see him!!!haha...i thk the details u noe le hor..haha...

 nah!! makan makan...tell u something..those prawns can jump de!!!alove prawns!!

ryl's present for u lo...

3 of us...celebrating for u!!

this is the HIM!!gary chao ge!!!