Thursday, December 31, 2009


new year is comin~~~

super fast!!!

need to think of new year resolution edi~~!!!!

n i miss my family so so much!!!:(

n of cos baby~~:)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

watching while eating

i'm recently busy with exams~~class tests which are like making me suffocate~~~=.=
my only entertainment is cooking bathing n lunch/dinner time~hehe..
oo while eating..i will watch a series call "fu guai mun" (rich door?) hehehe..
gosh super gek hei one lo the movie~~
got such mother in laws who are always blaming her own daughter inlaw~
got such woman on earth who knows tat tat's ppl's husband..still wanna usik ppl's marriage
got such husband who dun appreciate such good wife~~~
in short...i watch edi super gek hei!!!!!!
tsktsk...therefore..i am planning to watch with tat i can sama sama marah those haui ren~~hehehe...who shall be my "series partner"?
neway its time for fmt...gosh!!1having a paper on thurs~~:D
hopefully everything goes well~~
pray for me yea ppl~~
ooo and safe trip to sg mum n raquel n elaine + aunt maureen~~:)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

words to share <3

read this in someone's blog~~:) so just wannna share:)
"You're no good for anything"have you ever been told this?
"I'm Ugly" "I'm not good at sports. Not good in school either." "How can anyone love me? I'm not worth it!"
Have you ever thought this?SELF-ESTEEM.
have you ever looked in the mirror and wish you were someone else?If you answer yes, you're in the majority.
Probably everyone who has ever lived wished that they could change at least one thing about themselves : their nose, their height, their personality - something.
Looks. Money. Possessions. Popularity. They all have one thing in common: they're not guaranteed.
Even if we have them, they're all temporary. When our self-worth relies on the outward aspects of our life, happiness, fulfillment will always be short lived.
True worth can only be measured by seeing ourselves through God and our Creator's eyes.
How much value does He place on your life? Did you know that God loves you just as much as He loves his own son JESUS!
you can't get anymore valuable than that!
you should be thankful of what you have right now that God has given. everyone is not perfect but in God's eyes, everyone is perfect and He love all of you! =)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

i am a happy gal~~:D

today when i was having DD2 lecture by Dr brian Furman~suddenly i got a message~i thought it was from baybee~~then when i open the was from my housemate shirley~she told me that a parcel has arrived for me~then i was so happy+excited!!!!mum told me that they went and send those stuff on sunday..didnt expect to receive after a few days~~when i open it..woohoo!!!!!!!!syok sangat sangat!!!seriously!!!!!damn syok!!!!hahahahaha...didnt know what the contents will i was like getting suprises after suprises!!!hehehehe...happy giler!!!!!!:P

the box

the food that my sis chose for me~~!!!hehehe...all super special~~~


got sardine!!!n KAYA!!!!!!!...haqhahahahhahahahahhahaha....~~~
see got boh also!!!!plus udang kering~~:D

hahahahahhaahahhahaah...*still smilling*

BAN MEE!!!! fav ok!!!!!!!!!n some herbs~~wonder whether i shud put them in the peti sejuk~~~hehehehhe...anyone..pls tell me whether i shud put those herbs in the peti sejuk!!!

mummy even sent some mask..just i even got the tummy ache oiintment n also feng you plus bonjela~~:D

oooo yesyes...n TAUCHU!!!!!black bean sauce!!!!hehehehe....
plus steaming plates!!with diff sizes@@!!!

mummy bought a blouse for me~~~by kimura lee simmons~aka baby phat!!
n belt~~~hehehe..

n also...small bottle for me to bring to uni~~:D

last but not least...a card from them~~:D so happy to receive these stuff from them!!!!:D

just wanna thank u lydia aka da jie~~~for buying and spending so much~~:P:P i know u love me~hehehe..and mummy thank u too~~:D miss u guys alot la~~tsktsk...
after receiving this...its like they've send the whole malaysia to me~~heheheh..happy gila~~~:D love u guys to the max la!!!!max!!!!hehehehe....

p/s:i didnt eat maggie always le..its just that so ngam whenever we skype..i am eating that:P

Sunday, December 6, 2009

the word~~ONE~~:D

happy anniversary baby~~:D

muakss..gosh it has been a year now~~time flies~~:D:D

sadnya kenot be with u year naa~~ hehehe..:P:P baby thank u for the external hard disc o..tsktsk..i remember me telling u that i want to buy it b4 i come but due to some reasons...didnt...:D but u bought it for me~so nice of u...oo..*touch*

btw...i tot the external hard disc that u showed me was the one i got today..hehe...manatau..we are using the same one..~~:D hehehe...

baby..ur stuff...em..coming nia coming~~hehehe..hope that u'll like it..hehe...its just some small stuff..mon de is another small stuff..heheh..wait patiently k?muakss~~<3<3<3

love u bb~miss u so much..*hughug*see u...tml~~:P

thank u this video baby~~love it so much!!!

p/s was suppose to post it up on fb for me but something went he sent this video bit by bit...hehehe...:D muakss!!!