Monday, February 25, 2008

chap goh mei

On chap Goh mei,cheryl followed me back,i was suppose to send her back to her huge mansion..but on the way to her house,she suddenly suggested what to eat 4 we started calling kaki to eat dinner with us..called lik xiang,but he was not free,called geoh soon but that day he felt like eating his mum's food then called jhiu first he agreed,but then he suddenly remembered that he has assignment to do..after calling practically every1..we headed to my house..mmm...
after half n hour,we went manjalara(a place famous for steamboat).. haha yup..!!only both of us eating..before going down the car, cheryl asked me whether there's table 4 two..haha..when we went there,the waiter asked us how many of us??hehe..then we "pai seh-ly"answered him "2"..hehe...we ordered steamboat for 2 and also chicken wings for us..haha.."yum!!!!"
When the ingrediants came,we started our eating took us 2hours to finish everything lo..hmmm..while eating, we were talking about EVERYTHING..hehe..i was also telling her about my embarassing experience with cats..i told her my record was twice..hehe..but after that day,it became 3!!!!!n the amout of customers there was like twice the number of Foh fOH'S CUSTOMERS(just for imu-ians info)...!!!!!can u imagine???!! Anyhow, really enjoyed that day lo..hehe..we even bought back "kuai leng gou"..haha...nice right ryl??!!!hmmm...didnt noe that 2 plp oso can eat steamboat ..hehe...

my bowl of egg(both of us wanted to try sort of survival's style of eating)

cheryl's egg..

her first try..hehe..the egg broke.. egg hidden under those yee mee

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

18th of Feb

we went to soon's house at's early today coz we finished our lab early...we took our own sweet time to his house..his sister was such a good gal..haha..that made her cute wei..haha...then i went n to bath coz of some reason..while 
i was bathing..ryl n dy were busy doing ming hui's 6,we left soon's house..on the way to soon's car,ryl dropped the sand bottle that she wanted to give ming hui..the bottle broke..she was so sad..we picked hui hong i thk..he is another CHS scout member,aka soon's,jaric's,ming hui's best buddy..hehe..then we headed straight to KLIA..on the way there,wendy,kh n ws were n ryl singing,soon,jaric n hui hong were talking..then we remembered that ming hui told us before at ryl's house that he wanted us to sing "how do i live" in the airport for him..ryl n i changed the song a bit..haha..imu version of how go i live..damn funny le..hehe.then when we reached the air port,ming hui was checking in,so those who were hungry like me,ryl,dy n kh went kfc to buy wedges..hehe..makan dulu..then after eating..we went n meet them..we recorded the song too..then we saw ming hui with his gf,so we felt pai seh to go to him,instead,we went to asoon there..hehe..while waitning for ming hui,we took pictures with the noisy alex n ronald..haha..we were shocked to see them there..then we saw meng jin..we took picture with him too..ming hui was busy with his frens i thk,,haha..then ryl gave "the stare" brought ming hui automatically to us..haha..we took group pictures...brought him to the corner,sang to him our version of "how do  i live"...ryl n
JARIC cried while singing..i tahan sahaja...hehe...we even sent him the recorded version.hehe..then it was time for him to leave..he went to ryl..hugged her..ryl ryl was not crying tat moment,then he hugged wendy..after hugging,wendy's head was sort of on my shoulder..she was also pushing me forward..i did not undersand her tat moment..after asking her,i only knew that she felt pai seh coz she was crying..that's y she pushed me in front to hug ming hui,,she said i "bu hui zhuo" o..walau..i cannot read plp's mind de le..hehe...all wendy's fault..if she didnt cry,ryl n i who were tring our best to not to cry wouldn't burst out crying..i was crying till i cant really hear wat he was saying..i only remembered him asking me to thank my mum4 the steamboat..hmm..then we went to the "gate"...soon they all were there..i was looking at up so that tears wont flow too much out..mmm..then ming hui came to the "gate"..he was crying while he hugged all of us..all of us cried even more..i dun remember wat he said coz i was erm..tears were flowing..hmmm..i only remembered telling him to take care..soon was crying too...i guessed it really hurts when ur best buddy is leaving u..hmmm..."bi jing" they always spent time together wor..all of us were damn sad...after sending him off..we went subang to mum mum bkt..chose subang coz it's near li yen's house..mmm...then soon sent wendy they all back..along the journey,in the car,soon wanted to call hui hong..but he always ended up calling MING!!!it's lke dunno how many times..hmm..see udang..not even a day u flew to aus..soon already misses u...when we reached soon's house,i went to my car,jaric went to his..he found out that his car was "broken in"..those bad plp took his smart tag..the driver's sit was all covered with glasses..
so bad luck..i really thank God that my car was ok..
see ryl ryl n wendy n kh..that's the reason y i always asked u guys to keep ur bags at the back of the car..haiyo..tat time,ryl's bag was at the passenger's sit..luckily those idiots didnt see her bag..if not my car gone liao!!!ryl's bag definitely GONE!!!!walau..i drove like super fast back coz i was a bit scared la..haha..driving alone at night very scary de le..hmmm..hope jaric's will be alright...

neway udang a..take care ya..keep in touch with us always k??mmm..

all of imu-ians xiang nian u!!!!!

 best buddies..CHS scouts..

wendy n ming hui

all of us there..

"wei my gf jealous le" "its ok..u r leaving liao"haha..

me with jaric n soon..they were wearing ming hui's "masterpiece"

these were all made by ming hui for us..THANKS UDANG!!

ryl ryl n ming hui

the song 
how do i live without u
i 12 know
how do i breath without u
if u ever go
how do i ever,ever survive??
how do i oh how do i oh how do i live..

with ming hui
wendy will cry everyday
cheryl n fiona miss u
n pussy Jaric love u..
oh udang..
dun forget khong hern n ker lei 2
not forgetting lik xiang n our parents..
geoh soon wilsen will always put u in their heart..
oh low ming hui
how do we live without u
we want to noe
how do we breath without u if u ever go..
how r we ever ever survive..
how do we how do we oh how do we live???

15th of Feb

on 15th of Feb..ryl,me,dy,khong hern n wilsen  had our practical from 2.45 to 5.45..was rushing like mad..coz we need to fly to soon's house n then to KLIA coz ker lei is flying off to tasmania(its part of australia for those who didnt know)..hehe...we finished our prac at 5.30 then straight away went to soon's house..i was so gan cheong coz soon said that i need to leave uni the latest at 5 so that we can reach klia in time..mana tau,our experiment took us so long to i drove like erm..FAST i thk to reach his house..took 15 minutes wei..soon oso got shocked..haha..funny the car,they called ker lei to check where is she,we also told her that only soon,ming hui n jaric were going to the air port..i thk she was disappointed..haha...
we planned not to let her know..we were all giving her a suprise..when we reached the air port..ming hui,jaric n soon went n meet up with her..the rest of us used the back way..hehe..kor kor lik xiang was so masak with the selok belok of the airport..masak till i asked him this ques"u normally come here with ryl to pak tuo is it?"haha..then we saw lei lei..when she saw us..she sum tong seeing her crying..then all of us consoled her..hmmm..then its picture taking time...haha..

the 1st imu-ian who left us all in MALAYSIA...

the COMPLETE set of imu-ians!!!

suddenly ming hui felt like wearing a gal's i ex-changed with him the shoes that i was wearing which is=ryl's covered shoes..

we got nothing better to took picture in front of the no-return "gate"

wendy with lei lei..lei lei so cute..hahaha..

me with lei

at around 8.30,we hug each other coz it was lei's time to depart..hmmm..all of us was saying goodbye...hugging her,wishing her luck..lei was crying so much that we all felt damn sum tong le..we all cried..i mean the lei was going..we cant take care of her edi...

we teman her walked through 1/4 of the journey..

lei lei..u must
take care k??anything just find any of us...miss u gal...God bless..

Sunday, February 10, 2008

hari ini...we had cny open is actually for my aunties they all..hehe..makan makan..sambil gossip lo..wat else??!!!hehe..then lili n mui n cc n sky came to my house..we talk talk talk sahaja..hehe...then we went choon hoe's house..hehe..his house is actually near mine..walking distance..hehe..then talk talk lagi..of coz got "zat" him a bit oso..hehe..then went ah khoo's place..walau his house got a BLACK BIG dog..bigger then ryl ryl's dog cc 5 usual..screams were everywhere..haha...then boon pin came to my house..both of us like ji mui like that..long time didnt meet him..oso talk talk talk..haha..then i went to his house lo..bofore that,we went n picked ker wei n sei nee..that boon pin a..always use the long way!!!!wasting petrol!!haha...i didnt expect that for such a long time i didnt meet or talk to ker wei n sei nee..we can still talk like we see each other everyday..maybe that is the power of Scouting!!!HAHA..forever brothers n talk about loads of stuff..hehe..REALLY ALOT!!didnt noe i can talk that much..hehe...anyway..really hope to see them for lili n gang..hehe..i sure will go out with u guys u guys heaps!!
will treasure every moment in malaysia..hehe..especially u guys ya..n SCOUTS!!!n the one n only...hehe..

Monday, February 4, 2008


woke up at around 9..went breakfast with sister n mum..then headed straight to clinic ONG YONG N QUAH...haha...was nervous actually..but was hoping that the doc would tell me that it will all be fine..just need sum medicine..apply on my DISAPPOINTMENT...he said i needed a surgery..sob sob..i super penakut la...doc see me so kelian..he used a BABY needle..he said a baby needle 4 a big baby..walau...then he started his job..he injected me with "MA ZHUI YAO"..didnt wan2 spell it in english coz if wrong then pai seh..haha..i saw smoke coming out of my feet..scary man..then suddenly I FELT the burnong usual..i made sum noise..doc injected me again..walau...but the pain was not as pain as the first time he injected me..i thk it is because the burning pain was more painful!!!mmm...then again..I FELT the pain again..haiyo..super sakit lo..mmm...he injected again..finally after 45 minutes..everything ended!!phew!!!now i walk like a cacat fella!!
the hole!!!!!
need to be covered all day long..


MING HUAY, lem and David(single n available) his favourite phrase..haha..

me and isaac..(he was not feeling well..)can u guess y he still can smile happily?haha

james,his fren and zhi yu..n part of lem

ming huay blowing hard !!

Today all of us went T.G.I.F..instead of the evenong, james sms-ed all of the Cg members i think..telling us that it is quite jamm everywhere,so he asked us to DEPArt from our house earlier..a good gal..started my journey at around 7..mana jamm..i reach there at around 7.15..haiyo..JAMES brought me along when he sent dexter n another gal..opps..forgot her name to buy dinner..mmm..along the way i was james kept asking me to talk..hehe..pai seh la..dun really noe them...then we went back to church..waited for the others..then we went T.G.I .F..THERE were loads of plp celebrating Isaac n zhi yu sudddenly asked me--"today is ur birthday rite" then i balas bac" yaya..i thk so"..then zhi yu wanted to call da waitress..hehe..n of coz he didnt la..stopped by me..actual fact,we celebrated ming huay's birhtday..haha..january baby..

Saturday, February 2, 2008

miss them

mmm..i think it has been like a yr plus plus since i stepped out of sinar, i went to lili's blog and read her "essay"..while reading..i thought of loads of high school stuff..really miss those days lo..and of coz..high school means all the activities,all of my frens!!SCOUTS !!prefects!!!hehe..the canteen..(which has no nice food)!!Teachers..assembly..haha..

i really miss 5b!!!miss LILI so much..n mui mui n ah khoo..n of coz ah qiu!!!haiyo..didnt see them 4 so long already!!!!wonder whether they are also missing me..hehe..lili, must remember to visit me long time best fren..hehe..muakss..only to u, i can share my EVERYTHING!!!seriously..coz i noe u understand me MOST...

Form 5 really syiok wei..form 4,3,2,1 oso not bad..haha..but form 5 is the BEST!!!one of my happiest YR in MY entire 19 years of LIFE!!!:)

p/s: love S.H.E's old songs..those songs brought back loads of memories i had when i was in form 5...hehe..but till now..dun really like HEBE..(lili,u noe y right)..haha...adores ELLa!!!
not forgetting Jay's songs too!!