Sunday, September 27, 2009

second sunday here~

been here a week~kind of fast rite?sooon...we will be having classes..then after that exam..then after that classes again~then after that exam~then~!!!!!!~~~~wee~!!!can meet up with everyone else from malaysia~:P...come faster please~~
neway went to church was ok~what the pastor preached was so applicable~ cos he said..God is not sum1 who u can turn off n on like a switch whenever u wan..should seek Him consistently~and not only during trouble times~mm...neway got to know few more seniors and they were helpful~:)
oh..n wai hong came..FINALLY...after so long!!!hahahahha...good to see him here~
n ryl ryl came n visit us twice in a sweet of her..we talk talk talk not very long but least we had the chance to talk rite??hehehehe...
the first day i saw her in tracy's unit..i was like..oh cheryl ma..she is of cos here lo..then after few seconds only i realised...she was not suppose to be here la~hehehhehe..excited that she so so so so so long didnt see her le...tsk tsk...
mayb the next one could be wendy knocking at our door?*imagining*
ooowwww...i miss everyone back home~snowy too!!!!!!!sob~~miss the food n all..:( but nevermind..2 years will end damn fast~i know it will...:)
ok its time for lunch now~till then~:D
p/s:u cried..n i was happy~:)

Thursday, September 24, 2009


reached scot on the 19the 12plus..we had to line up for quite long to just pass thru those customs...they asked us few questions and also wanted us to show them our offer letter n documetns just to ensure that we are really students..those whose visa was rejected before were asked even more questions..after that we collected our belongings n met up with the seniors..
I can only rememeber Jasper and Dharshini..others i dun really noe them~
then off we go to the uni.The bus stopped us not really far from our hostel but due to heavy luaguages and also the uphill road..we had trouble going to our room..actually it was only me,shien nee and crystal.shien nee had dunno how many bags,crystal had FIVE was kind of funny + torturing to carry/push those heavy luaguages..3 of us were left behind..heheehe..the other van which carries most of the luaguages parked near the entrance of the hostel,so most of them didnt need to go thru wat the 3 of us went thru~
after that we had some small tea time then we were free to go..all of us went tesco to get our stuff..
For the first few days..we went out to buy food,things that we need to cook n all..
places that we went are= tesco,chung ying(a place selling chinese food and some things there are expensive),primark(cheapest clothes shop, i need to buy thicker autume jacket or else i will be freezing to death =.=) 1 pound shops ,marks and spencer,T.J hughes etc etc...
we cooked for the pass 2 days..
oh yea..yest,we went chung ying to buy rice..we had to separate it to small small 5kg packets cos we cant carry 20kg all in a huge packets as we had to walk back..neway it ended up kunyang carrying 15 kg,yizhe 10kg,shien nee and bikyun 5kg and m3 7kg..kunyang had to carry crystal's packet cos after few minutes she could'nt carry it anymore~so kunyang the gentleman helped her~:D
anyway overall things here are all ok~ classes will start next tuesday and today..i am going primark to get a jacket or watsoever to keep me warm~:D
will update soon~

Friday, September 18, 2009

flying tml~

i will be going to the airport tml at 11pm..flight is at 2am next day~
currently..feeling really sad~~
super bu she de~
feel like crying but due to me=jaga nope..not crying~
hate to leave my family my boyfriend n my frens!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a wake up call!

ok..took my result on the2nd...n expected..i flung my pp~pharmacy practise..calculation part all wrong ma~think too much!!! neway i was given 4 days to study that paper..then monday resiting it~so yup..those 4 days,my stress level went super freaking duper high~..i felt so stupid for failing it~i am serious~n everyday..i felt like i could not breath at is like either i do or i die~
after the test...mum dad n my sisters all asked me whether i can pass..they were all so worried for me..hehe..
on thurs after sedning jaric off to uk.i suddenly got a message..saying that results will be out on that day~me wendy n ryl were all so scared!!!gosh..we dragged ourselved to lectured by peterpook..then got my result~thank God..i passed my pp~i am really really thankful~prayed hard every night..
at first,when i knew i failed my paper on the 2nd of sept,i kind of lose faith..mmm...i know that i should not lose faith but ..gosh~i oso dunno y~mmm..
neway praise God that i've passed~I really thannk Him~
there alot of ppl to thank..
my family-my sisters are all very me hope n confidence~parents for encouraging me n praying for me all the while~n mum,sorry that u cried~(my mum cried when she knew that i flung my paper):/
baby-for supporting me by coming me~:)
all those who needed to resit..we got a special bond there now..hahaha...remember our promise k?
other frens~thanks for supporting k?appreciate it alot~:D
btw,on the 2nd of sept,i met a super useless,rude,idiotic,stupid,notlengzai(ugly),black,damn "yong shui",got the see edi feel-like-slapping face de ah beng~i was driving out of vista,then the road was so busy,i cant go out,as u all noe,i need to go over to the other side of the road to go i had to wait for a space available for me to go out..then there's this white myv behind me..kept honk-ing me..i got so pissed to go when there's so many cars??walao!!!use brain la idiot!!!!so when i reach the traffic light,baby was also angry,so he kind of like dod the "wat la u" body language~then that guy asked us to go down the car..that time i dah la faill...he wanna do such stupid things..i was already ready to bang n kill him edi!!!!!walao!!!!!my face was like ..damn angry!!!!then when its green light,he suddenly drove infront of my car..i honk the shit out of him!!!Stupid guy!!!he should thank him lucky star that i love my myv n i wont wanna bang it!!!if i were driving a lorry..his stupid whilte myv edi "penyet"!!!!! so stupid!!This kind of ppl oso got gal wan!!!! oh btw..his car number is WSX 1930!!!!!white myv!!!!!stupid de!!!use brain la..oh wait..if he got brains..he wont be acting like that~ish!!!! idiot!!!!mmm...
anyway~these few days..was busy preparing my visa application~passed my form up on monday~so pray hard that the British high com will approve it latest by this thurs~hehe~~
p/s:stay strong yea darling~i know i am always here for u k?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My birthday~

this year...on my birthday~my family pre-celebrated it on the 29th~cos on the 30th..white-rabbitkoay em..pre-booked me for dinner~ Dad ordered some of my favourite food..hehehe~as usual..cos they wan2 feed me with malaysan food~hehehe..after dinner..we went home..then lydia suggested that we buy a cake n blow it at 12am since next year, this time i wont be in Malaysia.So yea we bought the cake then went home n start snapping pictures~*snap snap snap* After snapping,mum called me up..when i went up..she asked me a question then i ask her why she asked me...then she was suddenly stunned~hahaha..then i felt something was wrong~cos the whole nite baby took very long to reply my message ..then ludia came up n "smile kambing" at me..then at 12am..i went downstairs...they started singing~then tada!!baby came out from the kitchen...hehehhehe...<3<3

after that..chill while then baby went home le..then wendy called me..saying that she is in she called cesium to bring the cake to my house~i was like..."uh dun bluff me le"..then she asked me go down n i went..n i didnt see i ran back up..then she called again~hehehe..i see again..n waited in mum;s room..waiting for the bell to i really really tot she was bluffing~ish ish~
then next baby called..he toild me that they came..this time..told last check~then i saw him standing~gosh~open the door n took the cake from him..when i was entering the house..ryl wendy jumped out of no where~so we blew the cake~:) after that went to bed lo~

below:pictures of the most important people/pet(snowy) in my life~<3

my family~:D <3


he didnt wan2 stannd next to me..due to some reason~:P

he waited since 5plus 6?with baby n waihong~

i.miss.u!!!!!(minus a few)

ryl ryl~

the new couple~(i mean them not us)

old couples~hahahahhaha...

we had to tickle jaric to make him smile like that~

me:apa la~always want us to kiss infront of u guys~
he:yea lo yea lo~

ryl n dee~

they gave me a watch~:D

THIS WATCH~...jaric~sila bayar wei..

from phoenix??

this is the comic card!!!he drew comics about how we met n all inside there~:D *touching*

given by lots of them~hehehe..they said that when i am cold in scot...use them~they'll keep me warm~

cards by them~
my bag~~handbag~

next day..was at home whole afternoon..till evening~ryl picked me up n off we soon's house~then ming hui drove all of us to the look out point..was suppose to be a suprise..haha..but ming hui bocor it..once i got in the car..he was like"eh fiona.u should noe how to go look out point ah"...then i was like.."uh??look out point?"
hahaha...bocor lu..reached there around 45 n all where already waiting we ordered food..there were quite a number of ppl there~while eating..all of us camwhored~hehe..then it's cake time plus present time..we all waited for wendy to come b4 we blew the cake..she was with ....n she did not make it for half of the night~sob..but nevermind la..i understand~hahahaha...:P
after celebrating~we balik lo~baby sent me home~hehe..
love the gifts from all of them~seriously~form the bottom of my heart~
thank u mommy,papa,lydia raquel n elaine for the dinner+accompanying me..:D
thank u all for the watch~
thank u all for the winter stuff~
thank u ryl n dee for the card..not forgetting khong hern..all the way from kt~:D
n also..thank u baby for the bag n also the comic card!!!love it so so so so so much~really~muakss....<3<3

p/s:why look out point??cos i was hoping to go n see that place at night~hehehe..that;s y he chose that place...we will go back there hor..again~:D