Monday, August 31, 2009

penang with brothers n their other half..and also my bao bei-baobei...haha..n new fren chiakhai :D

went penang with them like 2 or 3 weeks ago~baby drove his crv~genyuan drive his new vios!!ppl
ppl involved-me,cw,engseng,ejinq kelvin cuijuin genyuan jiayee waihou n shin yen...not forgetting chia khai~
on the first day..we went makan at erm super tanker??hahahaha..not too bad lo the food..then after that every1 went back to baby's house to rest n all..oh..those sat crv reached his house we had to mop the floor~

then after resting..we went queensbay to meet up with baobei cuijuin ~then we went n eat...ikan bakar n "siham" bakar n similar stuff near gold coast~its nice!!nit bad seriously~banyak orang!!

erm it seems that chai khai n ejinq always eat here when they were still studying in Inti~

after that we went to k4 to buy stuff to BBQ..they wanted to try wat we(me baby kelvin yizhe nee adrian -nee's fren chris)did last trip after shopping..went n pick chia khai from his house cos he had to get approval from his aunty uncle grandpa mummy daddy~hahaha...alot la..after that we went home..

my fren boon pin came n we chit chat-ed for like an hour then we went n rest n tidur~hehehe..tired le..long journey~

Next ejinq n chia khai woke us up at 5.45am!!!haha...the nite before..we told ejinq that if he could get up then only wake us up..cos that guy hard to wake him up de!his alarm clock is to wake other ppl up, so that the other ppl will wake him up!!!ish~neway he woke us up on time~

p/s:i told him that if he did not wake up on time..he will have to pay for my meal the whole day~so when he was waking me up...he suddenly said " whole day meal"zoom!!i rush to the the door for him~hahahah...

anyway back to the topic we went to the gold coast see sun rise!!!yay!!!!was hoping to see 1...but then~~i'll le the pictures do the talking~

the scenery that we saw when we first reached~
slowly~we waited usual~taking pictures~~

with a little sunlight~

then boom!!!it became damn bright!!!..we didnt get to see the round red thing coming out cos the "yun mimi de"(cloudy) conversation between ejinq n chaikhai~

The only Mq available~hehehe..

After we went home n slpt for like an hour~super tired man..then off we go to our destination~before that..we went n pick miss shien nee oh..she was our tour guide~
presenting to u guys= the famous hargou prawn mee~its walao weh!!!delicious!!
seriously!!i am hungry now!!!=.=

see..i am alone~where is he???
here...with baobei!!!!<3<3>

Then after that we went n eat curry mee~didnt eat much cos i was too full~~but then its really not bad !!wee~~~

then after eating..we went to kek lok si~

The new love birds or mayb i should to others~hahahahah..:P

When the others entered the temple to pray..we..took pictures with the flowers~

the two buddy aka birdie~they call each other birdie~so cute la!!!funny!!!
After that,we went n makan again..asam some fried stuff...n some muaji~i think i dun have "yuan fen" with asam laksa...everytime when i eat,the taste will definately be off~:(
It was raining the guys went n take the cars to pick us up~the two cars went to k4 to get more stuff to cook..BBQ change to steamboat cos it was raining~hehehe..those in baby's car went home n bath then slp!!!!!yay!!!

was kind of happy cos i dun need to eat sand!!!hahahaha...the previous day,baobei n i were plannin to eat full full before the BBQ~hahahaha...

all couples???hehehheh...

then most of them bathed n ejinq nee engseng n kelvin prepared the things below~

Every1 plus chiakhai the camera man!!!

Then after eating..i went to the toilet ~upstairs...suddenly when i came out..i saw jiayee n baobei outside the toilet door..inside the room~baibei suddenly told me.."choon wee said u wanna see me"then i was like uhuh? the cute little jiayee was like making all kind of tell me that they were suprising her like at that moment~so my brain came up with all kind of stupid ideas n wat to distract her~ahahah...i bocor quite alot..but baobei still diDNTt realize something was wrong~hahaha..then..SUPRiSE!!!!btw her birthday is on the 26th of August~

pretty leh~hahahha...

Ahem.."steve" yap n baobei~hahahaha...:P
Who gave the bear???

Btw we left put present in kl=.= actually is the guy who drove crv left her present~

after that..we went gurney to eat the crepes thingy!!!gosh!!!its wonderful!!!love them all!!!hahaha..its so yummy la..those we've ordered...table 1 ordered 3 stuff...(me nee baby ejinq n baobei n chia kai) p/s most of the pic is in ejinq's phone~we can finish 1 crepes dessert in like 2 minutes!!!

The aunty preparing~

this is one of them that we've ordered~

Then we all balik to rumah~i think..this blog..i can only agak wat we've did cos i've forgotten most of it le..~~hehehe..then chill day went n eat the duck rice that i wanted to eat so much la!!!hehehe...nice nice!!!slurrpp!!!then we went n buy baby's biscuit(fok lok sau) for his grandpa~then left brought me to sungai siput where he stayed last time..showed me around~hehehe..then went to ipoh to meet sook yee o...went n buy my "siang bing"(biskut wangi)hehehehe...guess a traffic light..engseng went down n pass sookyee dodol that we bought,then sook yee suddenly so xing fen..she jump down from her car which was in front of us n pass us another packet of siang bing!!!gosh!!!hehehe..neway...after that..we left ipoh..headed back to kl~had dinner with the geng before we finally separated~:D
this trip was planned by baby cos he has been telling me abut the food in penang which i should in go to the right shop to he had this trip..make it happen before i fly to Uk~He is trying to erm..fulfilling wat i wish for n wat he has promised ~hehehe..thank u so much ya baby!!!hehehe...muakss!!!<3>
MELAKA trip was also under the wish list..but then is wish to bring him there~:D

Friday, August 28, 2009

went back to melaka to see my grandma~

last thurs~i went back to bukit rambai melaka with my family to visit my ah-nei (grandma in hakka)
see...these are the compound of my ah-nei's home~:)

this is the em...back...where we eat our dinner~
this is the front~
those 2 are my nieces~hehehe...

makan place...the back is the kitchen~

this is my grandma~she can cook very well..but then a few years back,some idiot came into her shop n snatched her gold chain~after snatching~pushed her down..damn kurang ajar~so she ended up on the wheel chair ever since~!:( so she cant cook~but sometimes..she will cook some simple dishes for herself~i really miss her cooking~

this is the front compound~there's lots of flowers and used to have a rambutan tree and a jambu tree...but now all gone~ooo..there's a longkang there too~hehehe
neway this trip back..we all ate our hearts out~my dad brought me to almost every corner of melaka to eat all my favourite food~he fed me like nobody's business~:D
all i did was eat eat eat~hehehe...happy~
i will definately come back to malaysia~:D

okie~time to take picture with ahnei~ooo.. I told her that i will be going to scot for 2 years..i felt so sad looking at her"( i cant see her for 2 years...:(
neway when i was about to leave..she gave me angpau...asked me to study well..ok well..yea..she cried..when i saw her crying..i cried..felt so so so so sad~:( then my mum saw me crying..she cried..then my sis saw me crying..she cried too..hahaha...all of them said that they've never see me cried b4~or should i put it this has been a long time since they saw me crying~:D
Anyway~i pray for ur good health ahnei~stay strong and healthy..and i pray that 1 day..u would come to noe Christ~take good care k?i will be coming back to see u~i promise~

keep smilling~:) <3

THIS IS my uncle..youngest uncle~he cried too when i left~:(

takecare yea k?take care of ahnei oso~

love this picture alot~:D

Friday, August 21, 2009

sing k~

wee~finally there's a session of singing after so long~went with wai hong yizhe shien nee ryl ryl n oso sun mei...ryl n sun mei was in the other room oh..but then i did managed to sing some songs with them..S.H.E songs..hehehe...
baby teman-ed me to red box..but he didnt sing..tsk least me n him went to red box once...hhahha...:)
neway...really had a great shalll be posted soon..i hope...hahaha...cos all the pictures is with ryl n dee~:)
after singing...rush back to send sister for was so jamm~:( then had dinner at 9 cos had to wait for mum..she was stucked in the jamm ..mum went n picked raquel up..n on the way back...joe (sis's bf) drove...hehehe...
going for my check up tml~slping early...nite~

Thursday, August 20, 2009

home finally..

had a busy day today~went out the whole the came n picked me up to go to vista to give back the keys n get back my deposit..then went to ejinq's place to chill while...then went back to baby's house...hehehe..initially baby wanted to dye his hair.but then cos of limited time we have...we've change the plan~
1plus..left home..went uni to get phoenix's tshirt but failed...cos nobody was there...then went n ask miss sarina some stuff..after that..went mid vally to meet up with victor and tim (baby's frens)..talked ate n bought some stuff...then went back baby's house..cos going to have dinner with hi sfamily to celebrate his bro's graduation..every1 went..even his cousin brother n not forgetting baby's sister in law..hehehhe...had seafood for dinner near tropicana..
after sent me home..n here i am blogging..i am sleeping real soon now...chiao~nite nite world~@@@!!!

hair trimmin day~

went n trim mua's hair yesterday with mr koay~hehe...we went n cut at kuchai lama...he needed a hair cut cos he needs to attend his bro's convocation..which is today~washed n cut..only rm30..damn cheap lo..compared to those i've always go to..neway the washing was okok cos the guy washed my hair..he used so so little of his energy to massage..haiya..mana ada feeling?tsk tsk...but then the gal who was massagin him was using almost all of her energy to press baby~~hahah..funny...i think we should have exchanged hor...neway cut till 3..went to baby's house to chill..then went home...
tomolo..i willl be meeting my landlady...let's hope n pray that she will refund my 300 utility deposit without giving me excuses...tsk tsk..after that going out with baby's a level frens then nite having dinner with baby's family to celebrate his brother's graduation~hehehe...laalalala...
mmm..good nite ppl..
i am lookng forward to imu-ians outing and oso penang trip~:)
please i.miss.u...let's meet up shall we?

Monday, August 17, 2009

kerlei lee~!!!aka mrs lo~u damn cute la!!

saw this on lei lei's blog~so funny~drawing our faces n places that we=imu-ians will be by the end of thisyear~hahaha...
me dee kh udang n jari will be in uk~
ryl n soon will be in malaysia
lei lei is in australia rite now
lik xiang is in us now..

so...all imu-ians..far apart..when can we reunite?mmm...just believe in ourselves..n the bond will stay forever k guys?hehehe.. :>

Gi joe+tgif+gei tak sek

woke up at 11plus almost to 12 today..messaged him but he was still i slp 1 plus..decided to watch movie~wee~~so we both met at 1u~~watched GI Joe~the movie was not bad..lots of super modern stuff...hehehe...
was telling baby that i might change from pharmacy to millitary..hahahaha...then can join GI joe..n be a joe~:D after movie went tgif..shared out dinner cos we want to eat some other stuff later...after dinner..went n buy sister's breaking dawn...find baby's shirt for his brother's convocation then went n ate tong shui..seriously...gei tak sek in 1u sucks~to the max...there wont be a next time eating in shall be the same old kepong gei tak sek..ehehheh~after that left 1 u..balik rumah masing masing~:)

its so so so nice to meet up with u today baby~:) happy~hehhehe...can i see u everyday?:D:D:D neway hope to see u on thurs naa...gosh..kind of scary le...hehhe...christina need to be there..then it wont be that weird lu~~hehehhe...n i am looking forward for our next trip!!!its goin to be so so FUN!!hehehe..muakss~~in the mean time...stay home drink lots lots of water k?:) <3<3

continue our makan trip~

for me baby n kelvin...our makan trip did not end at sent me home..then we ate dinner with mummy n all..ate crab n some other food...hehehe..then mummy hade to send sis back to they left earlier...hehehe..the moment my mum cabut....the beast came outof kelvin..hehehe..he sapu-ed everything~hahahaha...then after said..let's go for chicken wings~hehehe..we were like..ok!!!on!!but before that..we went n pick sister up..she just came back from langkawi~

wow!!!!my tummy was filled with food non stop for 2 days straight~tsktsk..but then it was so fun..wanted to eat sai gei tak sek..but was too drove whole day they went back after dropping me back home~hehehe...

neway going to slp now..good nite ppl~hehehe..

when u said it..

it has been so so so long since the prob existed...i
ts like a thorn ... forever poking the <3
but ever since u've said those words..." wat i've done..i regretted it so much..."
u eventually pulled the thorn out~
felt more secured~
lee ming ming..wat u've said is so true..u need to right person to pull it out..n now i am so so fine!!!~the hole is getting so small that it feels like it barely exist~:)
thanks to lee ming ming for telling me n explaining how much u cared about me..hehehe...btw..i'm not sure whether she told u about everything~ahahahahah...hmmm....

i think i should put the thing aside..n live happily ever after~:) fairy tale hor..:D

but then..i really hope that it will be forever after~:) <3<3<3

Sunday, August 16, 2009

wat a trip man!!!!~~woohoo!!~~

just came back from melaka with~~~baby kelvin ejinq and "cj"..(sorry wai hou)..hahahahahahhaha.... :P
left kl at around 10 plus on picked me up..then reached melaka at around 12 plus..went hunting for food...hehehe..since i am around...i brought them to those not commercialize places which tourists will also means...nicer n better quality of food!!! so we went n eat the chicken rice balls...which i thk..(since long time ago) that it is nothing special...=.=...wonder why ppl love eating that~hmmph~~neway after that..went walk walk at jonker street..bought pineapple tarts...which is like sedap!~~(went to the right shop this time)...lalalala...then after that..went n eat cendol...n oso tai bak...the cendol is like...super nice wei..damn gao!!!heehee..dun believe?ask them!!they requested to eat that again b4 we went is located near my "kuku's " (aunt) house...hehehe...after that..we went to everly to check into the room..on the way..we bought putu piring!~its was not nice...its not the original makcik which i usually buy them it tasted...tak sedap...hehehe..neway our room was big..2 rooms in a big room...kekeke..n its only rm250~worth it man~!!!

neway rest for awhile then we went out to makan again~hhehe...brought them to satay celup~they all love it..except for kelvin...cos he got some limitation when it comes to spicy food~hehehe...they requested to eat again b4 we left melaka..but too was not open yet...hee..after that we wen to portuguese settlement..ate davel chicken,baked fish,sotong and vege...after that we went to the eye of malaysia...then after tht jonker street...hehehe..wore mask just to be safe~:D..
then we went n hunt for food..but since its like kind of wantan mee shop close le...big sob!!!!

we went to the hotel...took pictures at the pool side..then went back.bath n played di..haiya...was so tired went to bed like 1 plus...slpt till 10 plus...packed n all..left hotel at 12 plus...went n eat the mee at tengkera~~then we went n buy the pineapple tarts...its yummy all bought some home for family to eat~it was so so so so hot la~~nearly melted...!!!!ish~

oh we saw baby's see him from damn far..cos he is damn tall!!!after that went n da bao popiah~bought for mummy too...n something interesting happened at the stall...hahaha...ejinq...dun tell ppl le la...hehehe...then after that went tan kim hock...then went n da bao stuff for my grandma...on the way to grandma's house..we bought the kuih..which is nice!!!!hehehe...especially the kuih kera~lalalalala~then went n visit grandma..then cabut back lo..b4 that,,stopped bt to eat cendol!hahaha...

overall the trip was all about eating...n lame-ing...hehehe...i had fun!!!hhehehe...hope that they had fun too...hehehe...wee~~~btw...when i was directing..i always say..go straight la..then turn left...melaka town is round only...hahahaa..i am not so sure of the road also..then they've notice it..keep saying that's my concept...keep telling baby..."choon wee ah..go straight only...its round de..we everntually will reach de"...hahahaha....funny ppl la they all...hehehe... might be uploaded..but it will surely not be on facebook..due to some reasons~~"P slp well ppl~

btw...thank you baby for driving us around~xing ku ni the big big aircond of ur crv..hehehhe...luckily its not the "super lovely nice smell" de wira...hehe...with u..the trip is so much more meaningfull le...<3<3<3>

Monday, August 3, 2009


I am sososososososososo worried about eos!!! ESPECIALLY PP!!!~~~how?
I really really wanna fly to uk this sept...sob!= i wanna pass~~
mmm...i need to work very very very extra hard already!!!!
Please Pray for me~

back to books~