Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Astro Star Quest 2008...

finally....its today..have been following this show for like since there were 21 contestants...!!!ntill that day..there were only 5 left...hehe...i was supporting GAN WAN CHEAN for the whole season..ryl ryl , wendy n all those from kuala terengganu were supporting danny!!!haha...

p/s:the captions for each pictures are above them..

ok~~this was the stage..

when i was lining up outside the entrance..those from kt brought this banner..i was like..charm la..so many supporters..!!most of them were supporting him..ryl ryl,wendee n all of their members were there too...actually this banner belong sto their members...haha..

as usual..taking pictures all the way!!

look at danny's fan!!!!!i was like chram la..wasn chean sure first round kena kick le!!!sob..

see!!!another bunch of plp...i mean danny's supporters..

those in red...they are/were supporting hao ren..hao ren has the most fans le..

preparing to start!!

see!!!!wan chean...all of them are getting ready la..

tada!!!dunno y can only see her...haha...

ok introducing hao ren(infront) and wan chean..

danny and natalie(in front)..

haha...this picture super funny...wan chean n danny were looking at each other..natalie n hao ren oso..but debbie  tak ada orang layan!!!hehe..

5 of then singing the opening song..

du ling feng shao...their song...nice lo...

woo~~!!!super high...hehe..


then its solo i thk...its still the opening ceremony..so he sang some song..

this is hao ren if any1 cant see his face clearly just now..

then its danny..he sang jay chow's song..

ok..this is debbie..the gal which every1 tot will win...hehe..nananabubu!!(ryl ryl correct anot?)

and her it comes!!!!!!!!!!!Gan Wan Chean...hehe...she sang dunno wat song...hehe..i forgot..

oh then they sang last yr's badge's group song..wo men hui zai jian...hehe..

these are the other contestants..top 21..

"blink blong.."the competition has begun!!!

the host...my sister said he looks gay..haha..i tell u..he would cry whenever the contestants cry lo..relly tsk tsk...

those judges..3 from taiwan..bao xiao song,bao xiao bo,huang shu jun..ohter 3 from malaysia..david khoon,alex san n dunno who...oh ya i saw bao xiao song n xiao bo when i was waiting near the entrace..bao xiao song shuai lo..he got the "shuai qi"!!when he came out of the van..super bergaya wei!!!

ok this is the first contestant..natalie..she has a sweet nice n quite powerful voice..but then that day..she sang not that good...so...tsk tsk...kelian...mmm..

natalie...she sang her own solo song then followed by another song...i thk the music is louder then her voice...can hear nuts...

from this angle..she looks so...erm...not that thin then usual..hehe..

then its wan chean's turn..actually before her is hao ren..but then ryl ryl didnt take his picture coz she dun like him..haha...

she sang "hao bu hao"..her first song..

then out of a sudden...kena carry..haha..

sang some song which i dun remember..hehe..

ying rite???

hehe...when she sang finish..."puff!!"indoor mini fireworks..

first round...waiting for the judges to comment..i thk all quite good comments..she was sosososo worried...

then its danny's turn...erm he sang okok only...

after all have sang..then first round elimination thingy started..those with the lowest/no marks will be eliminated..so the first 3 were called out..wan chean,debbie n hao ren..i was already kind of prepared that it might be wan chean..but then i was also hoping that she'll be ok...deng deng deng...all their marks appeared..wan chean n debbie got 80 plus..hao ren pula got all question marks..hehe...i was relieved..then it was natalie.danny n hao ren's turn again..so after 1 min..their marks came out...n the lowest is natalie..she had to go...she cried while giving her mini speech..as usual..plp looking will oso cry..but not me..hehe...pity her oso..she can really sing...!

but then the competition has to be carried on..so hao ren sang then it's wan chean's turn...

after all had sang..those poor contestants had to go through another
elimination process..this time..wan chean got the higest...haha....debbie pun kalah!!!!hao ren got slightly higher marks then danny...so danny went out..as u guys can see that danny's supporters all sudddenly entered the emo mood...
then they choose nomber 3...hao ren...hehe..left with two only...gan wan chean n debbie lin shu jing...

both of them sang 3 songs..and of coz i like wan chean's singing coz the more she sang..the more she goes "into" the songs...it was nice!!!!then it was time to vote...gan wan chean won by 4 votes!!!!score was close but then ....still!!!!!....she won..!!!!haha...was happy that moment!!!!coz usually if i support any1 in a singing competition..that he/she will always get number 2..hehe..

after winning!!!!!hehe....happy happy!!!

TOP5 once again!!!

after that i went home le..it was jamm but not too bad..hehe...neway wanchean was signed by a company from china a day before the finals...looks like the 1 who signed her really can foresee the future!!!she'll be coming out with an album next year's feb or march...
for those who dun really agree that wan chean should win...go n look at the competition again..i mean play back!!!!open ur eyes big big lo...then u'll noe why she can win....hahahhaha..