Sunday, May 23, 2010



its si hot!!!:(

heard from ppl saying tat this is the hottest summer since dunno when~hahaa..

ppl said that we are considered lucky because we have experience snow b4 christmas because it has not been like this since dunno when~hahaha..then this considered as the hottest!!

hee...will be having several activities next week~monday we will be going Dundee~on wednesday..its bikyun's n ho ching's lunch party~gosh i hope they wont be reading this~then on thurs~woohoo...BBQ..with seniors and church members!!1i love them!!happening nice n Godly ppl!!:):):) in saturday its Jim's and Susan's renewing their wedding vows~~so romantic!!:):) Sunday we will be having church!! hehe..

I need to plan beach side picnic ~cos we nede to spend more time with seniors~!!:):)

hopefully that china buffet king guy will cal me n nee for a job!!!need money need money!hehe..

anyway going to watch series now~~chiaozz!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


same melody but different lyrics le...

which do you prefer?


my fav song~~:):) i like the part where it's almost ending ~4.38min t0 4.56min~~

has been going to gym~it feels like when i just came here.
last october,i've been going to gym with ching yee.indead,going to gym has change ching yee and I.but during study break,i've stop yea...u can guess wat happened..i've put on weight!
yaya..i noe i am not as thin and slim as alot of ppl~:P

gosh!! need to reduce before i balik malaysia~:)

anyway time flies!i am praying hard that me and my fellow batch mates all will march to the final year!

anyway lets see wat i have done since i came here...

1. learned how to cook~i've been cooking normal food western food malaysian food~well u cant buy what u wish to eat,so the only way is to make and cook urself~!!:)

2.doing my own laundry..back at home,my kakak will do it all for me~~

3.going to gym..exercising!all thanks to ching yee~

4.walking for few hours during a trip!after that trip..we all think that we can go anywhere using our legs!hehe..going to tesco take almost half an hour..see woo is further..gosh..

5.learned how to give n take.tolerating other people~(this is walao)

6. khong hern said that i have changed.For the better or worst..need to ask him. I personally think that i have become more in if i dun really like something,i will say it out and defend more miss-swallow-everything!!

7. Grown spiritually..Ive experienced the wonders of God.Speaking in tongue.His love and faithfulness really does amazed me!!

8. being independant. Well lets put it this way,back in malaysia,i dun shop alone,but when i came scot,i love shopping alone!!

9. celebrated CNY Christmas new year without my family~tat's the worst part~:(

10. Ever since i came here,Ive realised that i miss my family alot. I think that God has sent me here for a purpose..He wants me to appreciate my family more then ever and be thankful that they are my family!

11. mixing with home students.At first,I felt that they were kind of snobbish,..but hey!dun judge a book by its cover..not everyone is like tat!!:)

12. Competition for a place for pre-reg is somehow very stiff!! Everyone will go all out for what they want~trust me..even if u noe that person and talk to that person everyday,u will see a different side of them during any interview!

13. Changing from a building to another building every hour because our classes are held in different places/building~its like ur first class will be at buliding A,an hour later,the class will be held at building B~~

14. fire alarm went off several times!!got once is when i was bathing~!!!!so i ran to my room,changed and ran out!!hehehe!

15.watched alot of series and movies in PPS!! I can say that I have conquered pps!!:P:P

16. went to several places in uk!woohoo!

17. used/using baby wipes..i dun need to tell u why~~

18. abstain from going to RED BOX for 9 months!gosh..this is torturing!!had to go to waihong's room to sing!! cy whelan kel yizhe n waihong..singing gang!

19. and of cos..i've got used to the scottish's slang~~hehehe..

20.had some nice food here!!!:) haven tryhaggis and rice pudding tho!

21. long distance relationship~yes tat's wat my relationship with cw is called! ppl say its tough~is it? yea it is sometimes~:P

22. away from all of my close frens!u noe who u r!~:(

23.realised that i shud not take things for granted!

24. first time eating nutella!it's good la!!!:P cos last time i tot spreading choc on bread its weird but it!

25. been eating bread since i came here for my breakfast till now~nope..not sick of it..cos i love bread..hehe..

26. took care of myself when i was sick..of cos my fellow frens did send their regards n all..but hey...back in malaysia,my mum sis dad cooked for me ok..bring ubat to my bed..:P:P

27. being a tour guide for the very first time!haha..its the trip to manchester!

28. well..i became "hiao" abit~hiao means ai mei la~~hehe..key word-abit!

29. minum itu cocktail n em..nicer taste of alcohol lo~not first time la..but then back in malaysia i drink like mayb once every dunno how many years...kat sini...emem..more la~but not alot la~
p/s mummy..i am still a good gal la~!!

30. buy everything myself groceries toiletries etcetc~~back in malaysia..i dun need to do all these !!:D:D:D

31. well...experienced snow for the very first time!!

32. dressed up during halloween~(next year will dress gaolat abit)

33. cooked imitation shark's fin~:P

34. had picnic

35 going to have another picnic n BBQ session!woohoo!

36 experieced and experiencing 4 seasons!

i've got zero idea of what to write.Mayb i will plusminus when i remember something~

anyhow..yea..after coming here,ive changed alot..
appreciated things even more
love the people around me
love the church
love the cell groups..

yea~ive got used to everything here..the weather the food the people the culture~~

i am looking forward for my frens to come this 9th of june..and of cos lookinf forward to go home

well..I can say proudly that MQ discovered alot of things ourselves..seriously..seniors did help us on the first and second day..theey've brought us to tesco n chungying..yang lain..we cari to me I think that if u do/find/discover things would mean something to you~~

a note to MP...dun depend on us / seniors toootoo much ~~k? we can tell abitabit la..=p=p
no worries matter what..we will still bring u all around~cos we bu ren xing see u all walk blindly~


till then~~

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

致亲爱的郭俊纬~=p =p

got this from wendy~

mushmush this~!!!:P:P:P

永远不会发脾气的女人就如同一杯白开水,解渴,却无味。 而发脾气的女人正如烈酒一般,刺激而令人无法忘怀。


Friday, May 14, 2010

phew!! we are all done with 3 of our papers~~
now we need to battle for our pp3~~its next mon~~gosh..i'm nervous~

:(:( need to pass le la~~pp3!gonna bring u downdowndown!

after mon!!its time to pppaaarrrtttyyy!!!woohoo!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

been super tired!

in the mist of exam now~~

done with fmt 2 and dd3~this coming thurs it will be my biopharm paper~gosh..i hope that it will be an easy paper that when i do..i will smile till i finish~:)

anyway..there's still less then a month more to go,then i will be able to see him <3>

then after 3 days i will be seeing the most important ppl in my family!

been here since last sept..
was suffering from some sickness call ..."home sick"~:P
then i got used to being far far away...
now after 9 months
i will be going back n heal my sickness!:P eat eat eat!!!

man..time flies!!

mmm..need to study now~ciao!