Tuesday, November 9, 2010

feeling rather stress!

hola!hows everyone doing?

been so tired, i think its cos that my days are always filled with workshops,labs,subway(job),introduction!!! feeling rather stress these days!:(
thinking that i need to really manage my time properly as i am also working part time really makes my stress level fly sky high ..not sure y but yea.....one word-STRESS!!!

anyway i guess its common to be this stess as years goes by rite:P more responsibility!

well...recently grandma passed away,i didnt get the chance to see her b4 the burial as i am in scotland. I have been praying for her and those back home.its so sad that i've lost or rather we've lost two person that we've loved in just less then 4 months.T.T

well..its weird how human beings can act on certain things/issues...sometimes I just could'nt believe that life is like what i see on tv (HK TVB dramas) tsktsk!

anway...got to manage and do what i should do~~:) pray for me k?:D

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


真的只是有时候,很想放纵自己,希望自己彻彻底底醉一次 。

oh i am not emo-ing..its just that i felt sometimes u'll feel like these rite?hehe..anyway enjoy life yo!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010


since i came back to glasgow,i've been working and going on trips~:D

too lazy to blog cos there's alot of things to blog about!!heehee..anyway pictures of my ireland and paris trips are all on facebook~so check it out there:)

WILL be updating my blog more often !!:) wooottt~~

Thursday, July 29, 2010

a month

its almost a month since you left..we've always been missing u..

the story begins after the bali trip.

my beloved kuku was admitted the General Hospital Kuala Lumpur.she was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 3.

on the evening of the second day after she was admitted (wed) my sister and I visited her.we brought dinner for her to eat.she looked weak and pale.she had lost her appetite.it was heartbreaking to see her in that condition.

on the next day,mummy called me and asked me to go to the hospital to teman kuku as it was her first time doing dialysis.so i went there and i reached around 10.there were no parking!!ish!!!

anyway,after finding for a place to park,i went to the oncology department to see kuku,but she was not there.so the uncle infront told me that kuku was still doing her dialysis..it was so weird cos she went there since 7am,so the uncle asked me to go to the urology department and check on kuku.

well when i reached there,all those stupid "legs and handS" gave me wrong directions!stupid!

then finally i;ve found her,lying down there doing nothing.apparently she was there for few hours and those nurses said that they've called oncology department to take my kuku back to her room.walao!!kuku was so hungry and thirsty,so i went n asked the nurses several times!then after some time only there's ppl helping my kuku back.SERVICE-LIKE SHIT!

then she ate the whole pau that i bought,fruits and so on.i was glad to see her eating so much.but it was the worst day ever,kuku was bleeding so much,i was practically changing the sarong every hour..i didnt noe wat to do but prayed for her. Kor boy (cousin aka her son)was of cos very sumtong and sad when he saw what his mother was going through,but he was trying to be as strong as possible for his mum.

so i was there with her for the whole day till my cousin came,then till my sister came then till my mum came~:) i went back earlier with my mummy cos i was so tired~

mm..for ur information, my kuku is the type of woman who would keep everything to herself and not tell anyone,even when she's in pain.so she was so strong and capable in bearing all the pain that she was going through.

so on friday,raq went and took care of kuku,my dad went too.then in the evening,we brought food for her.my dad was tellling my aunt to eat because she has to be strong to go through chemotherapy n all.

then sat came.i wasnt there the whole day cos we (lydia and i) had to fetch my uncle and aunty from the bus station,they came down from johor.then we drove to the hospital.kuku was in the dialysis room,so we went there.we even bought goreng pisang cos she wanted to eat it.when we entered the room,i saw her struggling,in my mind,i tot that she was just refusing the treatment cos it was pain.i saw my parents and my cousin holding her.and we were asked to leave the room.so me lydia adelyn(her cucu) and my aunt waited outside.then my mum came out...running to find for the doctor,so i followed her(i didnt noe wat was going on) then suddenly everyone was so quient.

then my cousin came out.he cried..saying "mama mei you liao" the minute we all heard that,tears just kept flowing down.i was thinking y is it so fast?whywhy?

then my parents went n talked to the doctors.my parents and uncle went n just "sapu" the doctors and nurses.those male nurses,their attitude and services was sososo bad!

my aunt could not breath properly,therefore my cousin and parents kept asking them to give her oxygen.but then they said"oh oxygen jauh la...ada satu aje"! then my dad said" then bawa oxygen tank la!!" then they brought..and guess what??they didnt noe how to operate it!! and then they said they need to find the screwdriver!then they open one drawer at a time..and they couln't find..so they just went off!!!my kuku was suffocating and they didnt even bother!!! shit them!!!wat is this??!!!!

my parents scolded them,my mum said to the male nurses "engkau balik fikir!!hari ini,u telah bunuh seorang pesakit!!" btw..the male nurses can even laugh and walked slumber-ly after kuku died!!wtff!!!!!walao i was so mad!went infront n scolded them!!gosh!really feel like punching them on their shit faces! arrrgggh!!!

my cousin cried like there is no tommorrow..my mum and dad and sister called ppl around to ask about the burial stuff because he was too sad to handle all these.

we were lucky that my another kuku's husband's younger sister(aunty jenny)is working with nirvana,so she did everything for us.and becos we were relatives,we got upgraded to vvip room with the payment of a normal room.the services was very good.it was fast and we were all very comfortable.the chairs inside where ppl sit and wake were all like cinema chairs,then outside there's sofa and also ogawa massaging chairs for us to use.there were unlimited supply of coffee and tea and aunty jenny provided us with food.we had our own space and it was very good and comfortable..

it was a very "feng guang" ceremony!we had first class layanan and kuku had the best of all.

mmm...my cousin's wife told me that kuku kept saying that she wants to cook for me when she feels better because when i first got back,she cooked once for me and she knows that i love all of her food,so tat's y i thk she wanted to cook more for me~but she was not really well tat time when i came back.

my cousin recently told me that on the day of my arrival,kuku kept reminding korkor that i will be back by then and kept reminding him to go to the airport.

I felt so touched and sad because i didnt have enough time to spend with her.I want her to be here longer!i really miss her alot.after her death,whenever i do something that has any kaitan with her,i will think of her..whenever i passed by her house,i will feel the lost.it really saddens me whenever i think that she is no longer here with us.but lydia always said that we will meet her one day,oh did i tell u guys the good news?she accepted christ long before she knew that she entered hospital..we were all very suprised with the news!someone shared the gospel with her.Its amazing to noe that she is with God now!btw..He had assured that she is with him many times when we prayed and asked Him.:)

her departure is also good because she wont need to suffer so much.she said that she would want to die beutifully and peacefully.Godlove her so much that He didnt want her to suffer anymore.

we are all trying to think on the positive side!its okie to cry sometimes because we know that we misses her..all i can say now is that kuku..rest in peace!i noe u are in peace now!so just chill till the day we meet up with u k?

We will always pray for korkor and family.")

we will always be there for each other~:)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


it was a veryvery very good vacation!!:) love to spend time with them!!:D:D

I am super lazy to write anymore and i will let the photoes do the talking..

oh btw,i am very lazy to upload pictures,so i have selected a few that can represent those places that we went~~:) if u wan to see more...check it out on facebook~:)

lydia and raq..waiting to board the plane.
after 3 hours of flight,we've finally reached indonesia bali.we took a taxi and went straight to white rose hotel, Kuta. oh the taxi driver looks like peterpan,the indon singer.:):)
we were given drinks upon arrival.

this is the reception.
can u see the stairs?thats the way up to the restaurant .

after checking in,we went around kuta.
this is warung made.its very famous in kuta.we had all kinds of food there.
pictures are all on facebook.:P
while we were choosing our sunglasses,we've noticed that there was alot of people gathering infront of the temple ,infront of warung made ..apparently,they were preparing for some praying ceremony.:)

after lunch,we went to the beach nearby

well,all i can say is tat we had lots of great time on the beach tat day~:D

after tat,we felt super hot,so guess what?its gelato time!:D

after that,we went for a nice massage.:)

this is the bus aka public transport for the balinese to move around.

the next day,we had our breakfast,and then started touring around bali.

putra(our tour guide) brought us to a house(well it looks like a house) to see pantings and arts.

this pakcik was very kind to allow me to play with his art~:D his face can be seen on facebook~:D

after that we went to this temple.balinese believed that after bathing inside this pool,they will be pure once again~:D
oh btw,did i mentioned that balinese,most of then are hindus:)

behind us is a small lake which has 2 black rotating sand like fan~:D i might put up a video of it~:)

after that we went to a place.i;ve forgotten the name of the place:P we went there to see the valcano!!!there's a lake near the valcano too!!it was sosososo pretty~:)

then we passed by the padi field.they just harvest the padi..so there's nothing left for us to see~:)
this is another temple.it was raining hearvily when we went there.but it was fun!

the next day we went to em..i;ve forgot the name of this place again~hahah..well,in actual fact,i;m too lazy to search for its name~:P anyway,we were sitting up on a hill,eating our lunch!~the scenery was nice.:)

oh the thing behind us,its like a statue with all the names of those who;ve got killed during the bomb.our hotel is just behind it.:) this place has lots of clubs and of cos ang moh!!:)
we were in kuta for 3 days,the next morning,we headed to intercontinental hotel!:)

last day in kuta.

the room in white rose.

the next morning,we went to incontinantel hotel,checked in and pratically just chilled around.:) it was a nice hotel.

after swimming,we went for our lunch.the place is called out of space i think~:P
its just opposite our hotel.
but then,its hidden.:P
the food there was great.after that,we went to jimbaran bay.a place to see the sunset.

jimbaran bay is also famous for its seafood. the food was great!!haha..love it!after the dinner,we could not fet a taxi to send us back,therefore, walking back to out hotel was the only way.it seems quite near to our hotel.") after walking for 5 min,it rained heavily..gosh..we were all soaking wet when we reached the hotel.hahaha..it was ssosososo funny!

earlier on,our suite that we were suppose to stay were not ready,therefore,we were asked to wait in a temporarily room.so after dinner,we went n asked about our room,and guess what?they told us that they have upgraded our room into this!!haha..it was HUGE!!! we got 2 rooms!!ahha..

intercontinantel hotel.

the next day,we went to the airport to fly back to malaysia.had our lunch in the airport`:) fanta is just nice la!!:P

it was a super good vacation!!love it so much!!

totally loving my summer holidays!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

since i came back home

On the 14th of june,my plane landed on KLIA! I felt very happy,nervous and of cause excited to meet my family..

The minute we stepped down from the plane,ching yee was complaining that it was super hot~:P
Anyway, we went and collect our belongings and guess what??!! haha..all of the bags came out and ching yee's huge black bag was not there.She was so panic until kelvin (her hero) shouted "eh ching!! isn't that ur bag??" ching yee was like" yeayea!!!' then kelvin and ching yee ran to the other conveyer to "rampas" her bag back!hahaha..

neway after that,we went out and i saw my mummy and my cousin!hahaha...then i saw LIM ENG SENG's mum.I went to her,she was super cute.clapping her hands and smilling wide..haha..then that idiot es came n say super loudly " eh MY MUM SAID THAT U PUT ON WEIGHT!" ISH!! then his mum was like "ssshhhh,sui zai" :P

anyway i went to my sisters and parents and my cousin nice nephew and my kuku!!i was sososos happy to see them :) they were all super shocked when they saw me becos they said that i am so not me!! em super fat..face looks not good~hair too long..hahaha.

We alll went home and guess what?The eating spree begun!! woohoo..been eating alotalotalot...
I was like a princess!!:P

The following week i will be going Bali!! i will update about it soon!!:)

I LOVE BEING AT HOME!! Love Malaysia!

p/s:alot of things happened since i got back..i will be talking about it soon :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ive been going to the hospital these few days because my kuku(aunt) is sick.

seeing her in that kind of situation really breaks my heart

Why her?why?

i really pray that she will be strong, tough , to go thru all these~

been holding back tears whenever i think of her.

We surrender her into ur mighty hands oh Lord!

treasure everyone around u ppl!!

life is so fragile!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

shifted house~

today,all of us shifted out from JBC(James Blyth Court) to TCC(Thomas Campbell Court)~
I've only did the 1st half which is from JBC to the small littlle hill,because I had to go to China Buffet King to work.It was my first time.I was a little nervous but it went all okie although it was very tiring.I had to work/stand since i got there until the end of my shift.

The way back home was pretty long because I had to rest a couple of time.I was too tired and my legs were very painful.After reaching home,I had to clear things and get my things from some of my frens.
Oh by the way,the back of my foot has a huge blister,it was very painful when water "touches" it.I was practically screaming in the toilet while I was taking my shower!

Anyway crystal gave me some medicine to apply,hopefully the blister will be okie by tomorrow.

I'm sleeping now..I need a very good rest as I need to go church early in the morning tomorrow.I'm the usher for tomorrow's event.:)

Good night yea~

p/s:its the 18th month edi!!:):) love u!!<3<3

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


today is ur day!! happy birthday koaychoonwee!!*muakss*

still remember last year's birthday?it was my first time celebrating with you right?

this year the timing is abit off...nevermind la..there is always a chance hor~:P


I know that ur brothers are all not in kl~

ur girlfriend is also 100000000 km away~

no celebration at all??

butbut nevermind..we will be meeting up very soon!!!


cant wait to see u this 9th !!<3<3
cannot bully me yea..must sayang till hangus~:P
enjoy malaysia gaogao before u come because u are going to miss malaysia when u r here~
mmm..but mayb u wont~~cos its fun here!!:)

happy birthday yea ribeena!
have a superb year ahead and may u stay en ai with ur ahem la~:P
have a safe flight too!

I love u!:) <3<3

Sunday, May 23, 2010



its si hot!!!:(

heard from ppl saying tat this is the hottest summer since dunno when~hahaa..

ppl said that we are considered lucky because we have experience snow b4 christmas because it has not been like this since dunno when~hahaha..then this summer...is considered as the hottest!!

hee...will be having several activities next week~monday we will be going Dundee~on wednesday..its bikyun's n ho ching's lunch party~gosh i hope they wont be reading this~then on thurs~woohoo...BBQ..with seniors and church members!!1i love them!!happening nice n Godly ppl!!:):):) in saturday its Jim's and Susan's renewing their wedding vows~~so romantic!!:):) Sunday we will be having church!! hehe..

I need to plan beach side picnic ~cos we nede to spend more time with seniors~!!:):)

hopefully that china buffet king guy will cal me n nee for a job!!!need money need money!hehe..

anyway going to watch series now~~chiaozz!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


same melody but different lyrics le...

which do you prefer?


my fav song~~:):) i like the part where it's almost ending ~4.38min t0 4.56min~~

has been going to gym~it feels like when i just came here.
last october,i've been going to gym with ching yee.indead,going to gym has change ching yee and I.but during study break,i've stop going...so yea...u can guess wat happened..i've put on weight!
yaya..i noe i am not as thin and slim as alot of ppl~:P

gosh!! need to reduce before i balik malaysia~:)

anyway time flies!i am praying hard that me and my fellow batch mates all will march to the final year!

anyway lets see wat i have done since i came here...

1. learned how to cook~i've been cooking normal food western food malaysian food~well u cant buy what u wish to eat,so the only way is to make and cook urself~!!:)

2.doing my own laundry..back at home,my kakak will do it all for me~~

3.going to gym..exercising!all thanks to ching yee~

4.walking for few hours during a trip!after that trip..we all think that we can go anywhere using our legs!hehe..going to tesco take almost half an hour..see woo is further..gosh..

5.learned how to give n take.tolerating other people~(this is walao)

6. khong hern said that i have changed.For the better or worst..need to ask him. I personally think that i have become more expressive..as in if i dun really like something,i will say it out and defend myself..no more miss-swallow-everything!!

7. Grown spiritually..Ive experienced the wonders of God.Speaking in tongue.His love and faithfulness really does amazed me!!

8. being independant. Well lets put it this way,back in malaysia,i dun shop alone,but when i came scot,i love shopping alone!!

9. celebrated CNY Christmas new year without my family~tat's the worst part~:(

10. Ever since i came here,Ive realised that i miss my family alot. I think that God has sent me here for a purpose..He wants me to appreciate my family more then ever and be thankful that they are my family!

11. mixing with home students.At first,I felt that they were kind of snobbish,..but hey!dun judge a book by its cover..not everyone is like tat!!:)

12. Competition for a place for pre-reg is somehow very stiff!! Everyone will go all out for what they want~trust me..even if u noe that person and talk to that person everyday,u will see a different side of them during any interview!

13. Changing from a building to another building every hour because our classes are held in different places/building~its like ur first class will be at buliding A,an hour later,the class will be held at building B~~

14. fire alarm went off several times!!got once is when i was bathing~!!!!so i ran to my room,changed and ran out!!hehehe!

15.watched alot of series and movies in PPS!! I can say that I have conquered pps!!:P:P

16. went to several places in uk!woohoo!

17. used/using baby wipes..i dun need to tell u why~~

18. abstain from going to RED BOX for 9 months!gosh..this is torturing!!had to go to waihong's room to sing!!haha...me cy whelan kel yizhe n waihong..singing gang!

19. and of cos..i've got used to the scottish's slang~~hehehe..

20.had some nice food here!!!:) haven tryhaggis and rice pudding tho!

21. long distance relationship~yes tat's wat my relationship with cw is called! ppl say its tough~is it? yea it is sometimes~:P

22. away from all of my close frens!u noe who u r!~:(

23.realised that i shud not take things for granted!

24. first time eating nutella!it's good la!!!:P cos last time i tot spreading choc on bread its weird but now..woohoo..love it!

25. been eating bread since i came here for my breakfast till now~nope..not sick of it..cos i love bread..hehe..

26. took care of myself when i was sick..of cos my fellow frens did send their regards n all..but hey...back in malaysia,my mum sis dad cooked for me ok..bring ubat to my bed..:P:P

27. being a tour guide for the very first time!haha..its the trip to manchester!

28. well..i became "hiao" abit~hiao means ai mei la~~hehe..key word-abit!

29. minum itu cocktail n em..nicer taste of alcohol lo~not first time la..but then back in malaysia i drink like mayb once every dunno how many years...kat sini...emem..more la~but not alot la~
p/s mummy..i am still a good gal la~!!

30. buy everything myself ..eg groceries toiletries etcetc~~back in malaysia..i dun need to do all these !!:D:D:D

31. well...experienced snow for the very first time!!

32. dressed up during halloween~(next year will dress gaolat abit)

33. cooked imitation shark's fin~:P

34. had picnic

35 going to have another picnic n BBQ session!woohoo!

36 experieced and experiencing 4 seasons!

i've got zero idea of what to write.Mayb i will plusminus when i remember something~

anyhow..yea..after coming here,ive changed alot..
appreciated things even more
love the people around me
love the church
love the cell groups..

yea~ive got used to everything here..the weather the food the people the culture~~

i am looking forward for my frens to come this 9th of june..and of cos lookinf forward to go home

well..I can say proudly that MQ discovered alot of things ourselves..seriously..seniors did help us on the first and second day..theey've brought us to tesco n chungying..yang lain..we cari ourselves...so to me I think that if u do/find/discover things urself..it would mean something to you~~

a note to MP...dun depend on us / seniors toootoo much ~~k? we can tell abitabit la..=p=p
no worries la...no matter what..we will still bring u all around~cos we bu ren xing see u all walk blindly~


till then~~

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

致亲爱的郭俊纬~=p =p

got this from wendy~

mushmush ah...read this~!!!:P:P:P

永远不会发脾气的女人就如同一杯白开水,解渴,却无味。 而发脾气的女人正如烈酒一般,刺激而令人无法忘怀。


Friday, May 14, 2010

phew!! we are all done with 3 of our papers~~
now we need to battle for our pp3~~its next mon~~gosh..i'm nervous~

:(:( need to jiayou..to pass le la~~pp3!gonna bring u downdowndown!

after mon!!its time to pppaaarrrtttyyy!!!woohoo!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

been super tired!

in the mist of exam now~~

done with fmt 2 and dd3~this coming thurs it will be my biopharm paper~gosh..i hope that it will be an easy paper that when i do..i will smile till i finish~:)

anyway..there's still less then a month more to go,then i will be able to see him <3>

then after 3 days i will be seeing the most important ppl in my life..my family!

been here since last sept..
was suffering from some sickness call ..."home sick"~:P
then i got used to being far far away...
now after 9 months
i will be going back n heal my sickness!:P eat eat eat!!!

man..time flies!!

mmm..need to study now~ciao!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

had been super strees for the pass 2 weeks~~and the stress level is still on the high side..in fact,its getting higher day by day..i am having the stress level as same as the cat...hehehe~~:P
next week we will be ahving our pp3 exemption..the week after is our finals edi~~praying hard for the flying colors results~:P

but anyhow...child like perfect faith is all that I need to go thru...hehehe...

saw these sentences and i find it meaningful~~

never take sum1 for granted

hold every person close to ur heart

because u might wake up one day and realize that u have lost a diamond while u were busy collecting stones .

Good luck seniors for ur finals!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

真實 Zhen Shi

One of my favourite singer~:) love her songs!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


因为20多岁的男人处在一生中的最低点, 没钱、没地位,没房、没车、没事业,不能独立又不想依赖,挣扎着彷徨着,寻找自己的位置!

男人要永远感谢在他20多岁的时候曾经陪在他身边的女人,因为二十多岁的男人还很“懵懂”, 而二十多岁的女人却很灿烂;
而二十多岁的女人需要被爱,需要关怀,却要付出呵护付出关怀;二十多岁的男人没钱、没事业,但有欲望 而二十多岁的女人空守着自己的韶光不再;
二十多岁的男人不知道珍惜,不知道感恩. 当他们三十多岁的时候,事业有成,成熟稳重. 开始嫌弃曾经陪伴过他,但不再年轻的女人.
有人说男人其实是最专一的. 因为从20岁到80岁的男人都喜欢20岁左右年轻漂亮的女人.

Friday, April 16, 2010

im am back~

just got back from a 5 day trip~went manchester liverpool and london~:)

I was asked to be the tour guide for manchester,as for liverpool,ching yee and kelvin was put in charged~:) as usual..london will be mr low~

anyway a detailed update is coming soon...need to get pic from them..and also need to study for my class test,go hospital attachment and prepare for presentation..not forgetting our finals!!:(

anyway..pray for me k people?I know i can do all things thru Christ!

good luck peeps!

Monday, April 5, 2010

easter easter!!!

well..it has been a very busy week for all of us..nearly took our lives!!! with biopharmacy 4 and report all due on the same day~~=.=

anyway....after the test,all of us went and edited our report..double checked..then hand in oveer to SIBS~woohoo..finally!!!after that,we( me whelan kunyang engseng js and waihong) went mac d!

Mac d has some special game like when u buy a set of meal,they will have stickers on those meals,therefore it is ur job to peal and stick it on the paper monopoly...lucky us,we had stickers which has free burger...we got 1 Big mac,1 chicken sandwich and 1 dessert~ kelvin and shien nee joined us later~:)

anyway..my housemates are all out..i'm home all by myself..but hey!!its fun staying at home alone...u can do all sorts of things...eg sing in the bathroom super loud without worries~:P
I have been cooking things that i wanted to eat for so long like mua chi ban mee etc etc~~:) happy me!!!*

anyway..need to study edi cos exams is just around the corner!!must jiayou!!:) after that can balik rumah lu!!:P

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


waihong's friend came to town..so kelvin and I brought danny to rumours to eat..anyway..the main point is not about going to rumours...
the main point is that right before I went out,i saw my face in the mirror...guess wat..I felt that my face became rounder!!!OOOOO NNNOOOOOOO!!!
sobsob...all my hard work in the gym went into the drain!!!:(

after exam i shall go gym everyday!!CHINGYEE....on anot?

anyway danny is nice ...talks alot...hahaha..funny but has his own thinking~hehehe...nice knowing him!~shall go red box with him during summer~:D

got to go...need to finish the report and also study for biopharm~:( 1st of april is everything's due date!!heheh...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

When a GIRL is quiet ...
of things are running in her mind.

When a GIRL is not arguing ...
she is thinking deeply.

When a GIRL looks at u with eyes full of questions ...
she is wondering howlong you will be around.

When a GIRL answers ' I'm fine ' after a few seconds ...
she is not at allfine.

When a GIRL stares at you she is wondering why you are lying.

When a GIRL lays on your chest ..
she is wishing for you to be hers forever.

When a GIRL wants to see you everyday...
she wants to be pampered.

When a GIRL says ' I love you ' .. she means it.

When a GIRL says ' I miss you ' .... no one in this world can miss you more thanthat.

Life only comes around once make sure u spend it with the right person ....

Find a guy .. who calls you beautiful instead of hot.

who calls you back when you hang up on him.

who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.

Wait for the guy who ... kissesyour forehead.

Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats.

Who holds your hand in front of his friends.

Who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky heis to have

Who turns to his friends and says, ' That's her!! '

Sunday, March 14, 2010


once again..I am having fever ~:(

I hate being sick when my family is not around me.


sleeping now~


Monday, March 8, 2010


Today after church~we went to china town(super small n deserted) to eat dimsum~haha..the dimsum was okok only..had better ones in London..of cos in Malaysia too :) the purpose of going there is to celebrate jac's birthday~hehe...
had some dimsum which tasted not too bad..but the chee cheong fun's sauce tasted weird~the eff tarts too..tasted not nice~:(

after eating we sang bday song to jac...the cake was nice~it was made by seniors..but then its kind of sweet...but then nice la..hahahaahhaa..~(noticed tat ive used alot of but~~:P)

anyway..as most of u all noe tat i want to go back on the 13th of june..but then i need to get a job in the pharmacist so that i could get a place for pre-reg...hoping to get a saturday job..ppl please pray for me..pray tat i could get a sat pharmacy job..and that i could go back to malaysia during summer..

Oh Father God..I pray for the job that YOU have already set for me..I know that it will be the best place for me to learn and get experience as You have already planned my future way before I was borned,and I pray that You will guide me in making all the decisions Lord.Lord,I hope that I could get news from those pharmacies so that I could booked my air ticket before it becomes more expensive~:) Thank you Lord..In Jesus name i pray..Amen~

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

video video video~~hopefully mine will go smoothly tomolo~after the video..i need to prepare my DD introduction draft!!so much to do!!!:(
neway just received his vday presents today~~hehe..
so happy to open the gifts one by one~


neway thank u yea baby~muakss~~~!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

dong dong dong qiang!

I am in Uk..
this is my first year far away from my mama papa sisters ah nei n everyone back home in kl n melaka~ooowwwhhhh...i sometimes hate these celebration cos it makes me super home sick!!!:( btw..i didnt get to buy any new clothes~sob!

anyway hope that everyone will be enjoying CNY to the fullest:)

take care~~muakss!*

due to laziness~

ok! i guess the title gave u some hint rite..i am super lazy to update bout london and birmingham anymore...so if u guys would wan to noe..go to shien nee's chingyee's acc to seee those pic...

overall..the trip was gantastic..I THANK God for everything..He has provided me with alot of stuff~:)

anyway..i would love to go back to london again..seriously..oh btw..i met the long lost ming hui~:)

all of us misses him since he left/we left~hehehe...neway...GOOD TRIP PEOPLE!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 3~London~

the third day of the trip~~:)

we went to madamn tussauds ..Heard that it was a must to go..So we went there:)

Amitha Bachan:) ok I dunno why did i do that..but...heheh..

some guy~~~i didnt noe how to post with him~haha..u guys should see chingyee's..she was pretending that he wanted to molest her b**bS~

President Obama n his wife..

David beckham~

ok i am lazy to type edi~~:) just see la..igmore my face~:)

this is near china town..this guy is alive~:P

Then we went to st paul~me n nee..the church was pretty..huge n nice...St Paul has alot of churches...really alot~

After that...its dimsum time!!!woohoo...yummy..it was awesome~~:P super nice~atee alot...after that me n cy went n buy stuff...nee n kelvin didnt buy much~~OOO...we went n jalan jalan..of cos..we ate again..this time is you tiao...nee ate tou fu far~

oo then after this..we went into a restauran t to eat fried turnip cake..manatau their dimsum close...but then this guy very nice..he said last order..so we ordered..was kind of happy that he took our orders...but who knows...this woman came n said we ordered too little..then she went away..then we ordered vege..then she came n said...oo the chef dun wan to cook..so its like asking us to leave!!!ish...one day one day...we will go back there...n eat!!!stupid woman...she is really like a b**** !!!! sorry for tat.. but the word suits her~~hehe..

neway this is near china town..this guy is alive~:P

After that we went n makan Gourment Burger Kitchen~~hehe...

after that we went back n balik rumah lo..we took a mercedes benz to the bus station~~:P hahaha...was kind of sad to leave london~:(

it was a great trip..we will be going back london again!!!soon soon soon~