Wednesday, April 28, 2010

had been super strees for the pass 2 weeks~~and the stress level is still on the high fact,its getting higher day by day..i am having the stress level as same as the cat...hehehe~~:P
next week we will be ahving our pp3 exemption..the week after is our finals edi~~praying hard for the flying colors results~:P

but anyhow...child like perfect faith is all that I need to go thru...hehehe...

saw these sentences and i find it meaningful~~

never take sum1 for granted

hold every person close to ur heart

because u might wake up one day and realize that u have lost a diamond while u were busy collecting stones .

Good luck seniors for ur finals!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

真實 Zhen Shi

One of my favourite singer~:) love her songs!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


因为20多岁的男人处在一生中的最低点, 没钱、没地位,没房、没车、没事业,不能独立又不想依赖,挣扎着彷徨着,寻找自己的位置!

男人要永远感谢在他20多岁的时候曾经陪在他身边的女人,因为二十多岁的男人还很“懵懂”, 而二十多岁的女人却很灿烂;
而二十多岁的女人需要被爱,需要关怀,却要付出呵护付出关怀;二十多岁的男人没钱、没事业,但有欲望 而二十多岁的女人空守着自己的韶光不再;
二十多岁的男人不知道珍惜,不知道感恩. 当他们三十多岁的时候,事业有成,成熟稳重. 开始嫌弃曾经陪伴过他,但不再年轻的女人.
有人说男人其实是最专一的. 因为从20岁到80岁的男人都喜欢20岁左右年轻漂亮的女人.

Friday, April 16, 2010

im am back~

just got back from a 5 day trip~went manchester liverpool and london~:)

I was asked to be the tour guide for manchester,as for liverpool,ching yee and kelvin was put in charged~:) as will be mr low~

anyway a detailed update is coming soon...need to get pic from them..and also need to study for my class test,go hospital attachment and prepare for presentation..not forgetting our finals!!:(

anyway..pray for me k people?I know i can do all things thru Christ!

good luck peeps!

Monday, April 5, 2010

easter easter!!! has been a very busy week for all of us..nearly took our lives!!! with biopharmacy 4 and report all due on the same day~~=.=

anyway....after the test,all of us went and edited our report..double checked..then hand in oveer to SIBS~woohoo..finally!!!after that,we( me whelan kunyang engseng js and waihong) went mac d!

Mac d has some special game like when u buy a set of meal,they will have stickers on those meals,therefore it is ur job to peal and stick it on the paper monopoly...lucky us,we had stickers which has free burger...we got 1 Big mac,1 chicken sandwich and 1 dessert~ kelvin and shien nee joined us later~:) housemates are all out..i'm home all by myself..but hey!!its fun staying at home alone...u can do all sorts of sing in the bathroom super loud without worries~:P
I have been cooking things that i wanted to eat for so long like mua chi ban mee etc etc~~:) happy me!!!*

anyway..need to study edi cos exams is just around the corner!!must jiayou!!:) after that can balik rumah lu!!:P