Friday, November 28, 2008

chua ying fong's birthday!~

Gosh~~!! 27/10/2007 ..this date,this day..that moment..those memories..still fresh in my mind..i can still remember the tears..we shared our feelings with each other in TGIF..heehee...that moment..i can really feel that i.miss.u really appreciate each much we treasured each and every1 one of us!!~~heehee...

neway,27/10 is our miss wendy chua's birthday..last year,although we were all bust preparing for our finals,but we still managed to spend time with her..celebrated her birthday...n our brilliant birthday gal started this thingy..she asked all of us to talk bout each other one by we went on n on..we cried..haha...

pictures of last year's celebration...

heehee..this year...she came down to kl to celebrate her frens' birthday..heehee..we celebrated hers at nite...heehee...we went bangsar,s telawi bistro to celebrate with her..before that,we went mid valley to buy her present..a GUESS PURSE...khong hern n i took quite long to choose the purse..heehee..hope she love the purse!!!haha...


heehee..we ate n talk n talk//n of cos took picture a...neway after that all went back le..althogh it was just a small celebration..but all of us hoped that wendy enjoyed u gal~~!!treasure u alot lo..dun too lansi k?heehee..muakss..

anyway..this picture was taken last year...haha..super gay la wei!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

mellisa's birthday..

hmm..i noe it has been such a long time since i updated this blog...haha...sorry got prob ma..hehe..i'll update everything soon..i really mean EVERYTHING...haha...ok...let's start with mel's birthday...

it was still sem break,so those who are in kl celebrated with her...we went telephone restaurant to eat..they have steamboat plus barbeque..before the dinner,me chris,ryl,waihong n shin yen went pyramid to sing k...then dear dear,gen yuan n kelvin went n watch movie..

at around 7plus,we went n pick melk up,then headed straight to the restaurant..waihong "brought" us there...n btw,to tail his car is super san fu!!!i lost them in just 1 min...ish...n those were in the car only noe how "fire" i was...tsk tsk...n oso rite,he suddenly "eat" to the left without n dear tak sempat go to the left terpaksa nge nge go straight..luckily we were on the right track..wai hong a wai hong~~tsk tsk tsk...

soon...we were all we did eat talk talk...heehee...

we were cooking our food on this..n btw..i like the ham..haha...all of us ate to the max....mel was the first to stop i think..then followed by gen yuan shin yen then ryl..then n kelvin n dear ate alot alot...tsk 100years didnt eat..actually cos if we didnt finish up our food..we will be charged..then those left overs were all taken by i have to sapu gaogao a...heehee..

then gen yuan,mel n chris went n take ice cream..actually they wanted to bring mel away so that we can light up the cake..but then there were still food on the we decede to eat finish only light up the cake..hee...n guess wat..they came back with a huge plate of ice cream...hee..n dunno who started the milk thingy...yam milk choc milk...we al laughed like mad lo..since that day..cheryl is known as the "milk mother" of dear eng seng...haha..n she can produce yam milk which is gen yuan's fav flovor...tsktsk...heehee..

dunno y is gen yuan so paiseh..haha....then soon we brought mel to the ice cream place again..thn we lighted up the candles...sang birthday song for her...we were all so super full during that time..tsk tsk..n we still have to eat cheese cake....hmhmhmh....that day i think all of us put on at least1 kg..sobsob...n seriously..i think i can eat alot...tsk tsk...

birthday girl-happily cutting the cake...^^

                     *baby n melly khoo*

we bought for her perfume..hmhm..i hope she like the smell..hehe...

      *gen yuan,melly khoo,chris n kelvin*

both of them now are in the mother n son relationship..heehee... 

woo...AZIMAMA aka darling aka shin yen(wei i got ur name rite le this time~~:P),melly khoo,me,rly ryl...

yee...chris:haiyo this gal..i wanna eat an xing-ly oso kenot.

kelvin:haha...slurpp..sedap sedap...(he didnt realize that the camera was flashing)...*eat eat eat*

the last pic of the day...miss cheryl lai sit yee,miss melissa khoo ja-mie n mr koay choon wee..~~

after the dinner..i sent mel back...then ryl ryl took her car from mel's home drove back..then i sent shin yen back...

mel hope that u had a GREAT birthday this year...last birthday in malaysia year...will be in scotland celebrating!!!!haha....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

tagged by wendee...hee nah darling..i gao dim the tag thingy le..

1.) Could u actually accept sex before marriage? if let u choose, u rather have sex before marriage or non sex marriage?

ahem...mummy says tat kenot have ahem before marriage wor...

2.) situation: your father has got a serious disease and need 1million dollar. you can have a large amount of money(1million) if u break up with the man/woman that u love very much. what would u do?why?

break up??tsk tsk tsk..i will find another way to help my dad le..there's no such thing as "the only way!"...anyway..i love my dad heaps lo!!

3.)would u like to receive a diamond ring(from a rich boy/galfriend) or a gold ring but your boy/galfriend use his whole month salary to buy it for your birthday present?why?

gold ring..cos it means much more when he work hard to buy it then he could buy it cos he is rich..heehee..

4.)dinner: would u like to eat dinner cooked by your boy/galfriend or go to a highclass restaurant?why?

cooked bu him!!!*sweet*hahah...

5.)assume you go for a plastic surgery, n after the surgery u found ur face is exactly same like the ppl that u hate the most(EG.leela, she also go for the same plastic surgeon),

wat would u do+why?:

do the surgery again...gosh!!!!!!!!!!i dun wan2 look like the person i hate!i will hate seeing myself !!!tsk tsk...

6.)u prefer hugs or kisses?why?(from facebook)


7.)who is your msn favourite chatter?
who who n who lo...heehee...^^

8.)if u /ur girlfriend pregnant, and u /ur gf is/are goin off to oversea to further your study, will you stay or ask her to go for a abortion?

say no to abortion...heehee..

9.)if you are able to go back to past time, when u wana go?

form5/last year??heehee...

10.)if u can be any character of any series drama(eg. hk, america, taiwan), who u wana be?why?

chung kar yen=sweet gal,emma watson=not bad acting skills,pretty n most of all..she is in harry potter!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

tagged by ahliong

1) Do you think you're hot ? a..

2) Upload your favourite picture of you!
erm erm...i seldom take picture by myself..soso..dun have fav pic of ME...><

3) Why do you like that picture ?

4) When was the last time you ate pizza ?
erm i think a month plus ago..

5) The last song you listen to ?
fall for u...(love it love it)

6) What are you doing right now besides this?
watching series,msn-ing,sms-ing..

7) What name would you prefer besides yours ?
some glamourous,stylo,cool name like fiona yong..haha..blekk!!!

People to tag :

8) Who is number one ?
my secondary best fren...heehee...we did lots of things together!!

9) Number three is having a relationship with ?
walao....she a..complicated...tsk tsk tsk..*shake head*

10) Say something about number five ?
she is hot!!funny,lame,cute(i say this to make her happy),got lots of ideas..m she is my beloved!!!haha...

11) How about number four ?
lei like a baby in i.miss.u...but sometimes she is independant!!n btw..she is coming back from tasmania on the 12!!!so happy!!kenot wait to meet her!

12) Who is number two ?
me n mel knew each other last year..both of us are from G8!!!!heehee...i enjoy spending time with her!!!!she's such a cool fren!!!love u mel!!!