Sunday, August 31, 2008

mua's best best 19 birthday!!!

on the 29th of August..i've already received some birthday wishes..from kei lei's mum and my cousin from Johor-skudai and also kelvin...then when the clock strike 12...loads of messages flooded my inbox..hehe.. i was really realy happy to receive those wishes..thank u shein yee,melissa,cheryl baby,wee kiat (my futre),wilsen,eng seng dear dear,wai hong,khong hern.shien nee,wai hou dear dear,wai liong(this time u were in time..u got the exact date..haha..if wanna consider,actually u were the earliest to wish me..haha..30/7/2008!!),choon wee dear dear,yi zhe,kevin,kor kor xiang called me..n oso lei lei baby..she called all the way from australia la..haha...then siok mui,gary(my tutee in singapore..haha..was touched ok to receive ur message!!),kien ying,then after half an hor plus,wendy messaged me..sobsob..expeced her to wish me earlier!!tsk tsk..but her hp spoiled..then its lili,then  gen yuan..haha..he called and sms me actually..i was super super super touched!!!!first time calling me!!!tsk tsk..hahaha..sayang u err!!haha..then my long time fren ai lin..awww,,didnt expect that u will remember,then choon hoe,then lame lame ronald, dear eng seng wished me online coz he could not get through..he tried calling me..then b4 i slpt..he called..haha..was sososososososo happy le dear..muakss "lam" lo..heheh...then in the morning,my uncle messaged me,alif,wei huei,n finally!!!!!ming hui!!was waiting for imu-ians (guys) to messaged me..sob..but only ming hui did..then at around 11,choon wee dear dear caled me..haha..they were all together,so 1 by 1 talked to me..haha...wai hou,ejinq n oso gen yuan(me messaged me like so many times..haha..even sang birthday song through cute!!:)..haha...then afternoon,boon pin(my haed prefect whom i work with messaged me..haha..those were da days la..)then lei lei sms me..haha..

then at around 1pm,ryl ryl came n pick me up,i was going to stay at her house tat i brought everything to her house lo..i drove her car to uni coz i know the roads better??!!!/i am a better driver??!!!hahahahaha..

then in the car...ryl ryl took out a small tiny thing...tada!!!!!the shoe that i've always wanted..she made it for me..haha..i was so so so happy le baby...thank so so so much!!she told me that her eyesnearly popped out!!!(u telah save my future boyfriend too..he no nid2do that4me le:P)

then like after half an hour,we reached "tong chi tao" up with adrian n all..haha...then kita semua makan lunch lo..actually only i eat,ryl n others drink tong shui lo..hehe..see they all "tou pai" me..tsk tsk...oh the arrangement of stuff infront of me was my "b'day present" from ADRIAN!!
k..this is wai hou dear dear..number 9!!!same number as me..hehe..actually he took number9 first,then i went n "keng sou" with him...haha..then at the end he pass the number to me..he took number10 ..but then guy's volleyball need to make another jersey so his yellow volleyball jersey is number 9..same same...!!!muahaha...oh for football,his jersey is number22...he is the man of the team lo..scored the most goals!!!haha...

after the game,a GREAT game actually..we won GOLD medal..hehe..with all those penalties n all..phew..our hearts nearly stopped!!!haha...then after the game,gen yuan called me aside,he n wai hou pass me a small paper bag..with something inside..both of them wished me again..then ask me to enjoy tonight..gen yuan apologized coz he could not make it..wai hou too i thk..haha..the present are from number 1,22,00...i didnt not number 0 so i went around n ask..ppl told me it was ken sing..i was like uh?cannot be..then finally,after asking around..i found out its keivin!!haha..they wan me to open the i did..but then i found a resit..haha..cute la they all...they bought me a purse..white colour..they told me tat they've walked for like quite long to find that purse..i was seriously touched le..for guys to walk walk walk n buy something is like so tak mungkin will happen lo..haha...haiyer..u guys R0OcKS!!!then when we(me n ryl)wanted to go home tat time,choon wee represented a bunch of ppl to pass me a dress..haha..they bought it for me.I was asked to wear the dress tat night..hehe..haha before i left,i got a hug from dear dear..tsk tsk..he told me that her cannot go for dinner coz his mum dun allow him to go out till very late..

tat day when we asked him whether he wan2 count down,he said ok but then must be home by 12!!!deng deng deng!!!!was like so freaking zha dao lo..haha..

then ryl n i went back to her house..bath n change..she sort of dress me up..choose earings n stuff..haha..i wasn just sitting down there..let her "fa hui"..then at around7.30,kor kor came n pick us up..oh..while we were waiting for kor kor..ryl's dad saw me..he asked me"eh u today didnt wear pants a?"..haha..i oso dunno how to answer him..i just told him that they bought for me a i'm wearing it..then he asked me y i didnt grow long hair..hah..i told him i just cut off my long hair last yr..tsk tsk..haha..then kor kor came...we headed straight to the curve..

ryl n kor kept whispering..sob..i felt bit isolated lo..haiyo..then they kept dragging the time coz wai hong belum reach lagi..i waited quite long lo..i tot only wai hong ,yi zhe mel,wendy ,soon only i kept complaining that i have tow ait for so long bla bla bla...afterall it's my b'day ma..sobsob...then wendy came..she gave a flower..looks like sunflower but not..haha..thanks lo it so much..then after a while..geoh soon came with a another bouquet..A BIGGER 1..haha..wendy bit bu shuang coz his flowers bigger then hers..haha..i totally didnt expect geoh soon will buy flowers for me lo..haha..wendy n cheryl were shocked too!!hehe...ryl ryl n all bought another present for me..necklace..ryl asked me how come i didnt feel weird that she didnt asked me to wear a necklace..i told her..i tot " thk tat not wearing necklace is nicer"..not that goddy..haha..kor kor wore the necklace for m3!!!

then soon...we walked in cineleisure..they blind folded me..they brought me to dunno where lo..up down up out in out..haha..i thk they wan2 drag the time lo..coz i tot wai hong stuck in the jamm ..n it was freaking jamm tat they had to "play" with me..they said that during our whole "walking journey"...every1 were looking at us...super paiseh wor..haha..i dinnt feel anything cz i cannot see anything..haha...

then then they brought me to THE STREET again..wendy bought the "yin guang bang",put it around my head..i dunno 4 wat purpose..haha...then ryl counted 123,(asked me not to open my eyes when she unblinded me)..then.............................spray spray spray!!!!i cannot see anything oso.. then when i opened my eyes..ryl pointed upwards..n saw saw this!!!!(look down)

                                          " SWEET 19 fIONA"

i was SHOCKED!!!!!look at my expression...ryl said"look every1 u wanted to come,came.."then i scanned through...was super super super happy to see dear wai hou,mel,yi zhe,dear eng seng,kevin,khong hern,wai hong,kor kor,ejinq..haha..all so cute...standing on top there...singing birthday song..haha...tsk tsk...SO CUTE!!!!!then every1 around me started to sing along..haha..

then erm..while singing...i saw them pointing at something..but i dunno wat's going on..then suddenly is saw..erm flowers from behind..haha... didnt expect dear to come one lo...another suprise..hehe...didnt put pic coz he said he dun look i didnt put lo..haha..but then really SUPER DUPERLY S U P R I  S Ed !!!!!haha....muaksssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!                            

after the whole thingy..we went to the apartment to makan!!!!!!


                        **presenting the bunch of cool,nice,marvelous,happening.etcetc batchmates!!**

                            **ryl ryl n wendy...muakss muakss**

                           below are pictures with each1 of them!!!!:)  

                                                       ****flowers that i've received****


ok~~~this i must write something..hehe...khong hern made the cake le..haha...touched lo....:)thank u so much khong hern n oso chris n the others oso....hehe....

                                            this is from wendy le..its a certificate..for me from her..

                                                              ***BEST FRENS FOREVER***

                                                            **he sayang me alot!!**

                                       all of my dears..they came!!!!!so happy..(except 4 weekiat)


                                                              **kor kor n me**

                                                             ryl ryl n dear~~~~

mmm...i really wanna thank all of them who came lo..i was really really happy...hehe...
~ryl ryl baby..thank u for everything ya..i noe u super fan for few days le...paiseh lo..n i noe u've "begged" them to come..haha...san fu sai u le..thank u so mcuh le.. u loads..thanks for preparing n all ur flowers a lot alot le.
~khong hern..thanks for the water thingy n n..not forgetting the cake!!haha..
~geoh soon..thanks for the flower!!haha...didnt expect that from u!!
~kor kor...thanks for fetching us yea..n plan everything with ryl!!
~eng seng dear..the plan was very very good le...hah..although was not as planned..but...i still loved everything!!!thank u so much dear!!
~choon wee dear..thanks for coming lo..haha...didnt expect u to come wan..since ur mummy wont allow u to go home very late..thank u so much wor..hah..
~wai hou dear,erm...thank u oso le...haha...nice seeing u there..n oso so nice of u to erm..let me wipe everything on u?hahahahaahah..
~wai hong,yi zhe,thanks for coming oso le..from so far..haha...gald to noe u guys le..always making me laugh !!!n thanks for sending me long long messages!!
ejinq n kevin...haha....thanks yea..although we only got to noe each other better this sem...but regrets knowing u guys..both of u so ngam got teach me something..for ejiq"smile when u serve" for kevin-basketball i guess..haha..
melmel..thanks for coming even though its far from ur house yea...haha...muakss..
adrian..thanks for coming even when u were having fever le..haha..thank u so much!!!
on the 31st..we slpt at around ok~~~then woke up at around 9.30..hehe..i had to wake all of them up..cheryl slept like a pig lo..summore complain i was too soft..!!ish..i didnt wan to wake her up suddenly ma..sob..i called yi zhe to bangunkan the two of by 10 plus we went taman megah to eat dim sum..we were quite tired lo..after makan,cheryl sent yi zhe n khong hern t kepong ktm station..then after tat teman her to the petrol station.selepas itu..balik rumah..

at aound family and i plus my cousins went to damansara club for lunch(to celebrate my birthday)..ate quite alot..hehe..the bill was like 930plus family loves me so much!!!haha..felt so happy..!!