Sunday, June 28, 2009

the one who will be remembered always~

i've watched his concert today...just for like 45 minutes..cos was busy with sister's birthday party~but then..just 45 minutes was enough to let me n my mummy n sister to wish so dearly that we could experience his singing live~to go to his concert for like once~mmm...

he is just so talented..having such big heart~wrote songs like "we are the world","heal the world"~just trying to make a better world using his songs..

his early departure is a lost to all of us~

it can be said that he is the only one whose death could cause such great impact towards the entire world~

26/7..we've lost the king of pop..but his songs will be forever remembered..

may the Lord be with him always~


Friday, June 26, 2009

home sweet home~

i am back home again..yippie~daddy brought durian home...hahah...

for the pass whole week..i went out like so many times..celebrated like freaking alot birthdays..n guess wat?more birthdays coming~!!!ish...i told every1 that i will start to act that i dunno that i wont need to share presents n go out for dinner with them to celebrate~cos i am super very broke!!!:P:P but i noe that it will not will continue to stay broke...:(

going to update about jaric's birthday aka i.miss.u's gathering (but lack of 1),wee kiat's birthday..etc etc...

ooo yea..tml is my sister's birthday...n monday will be my dad's birthday..n oso mr ejinq~gosh~~!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

lazy lazy~

i am suppose to do pp essay but i am stuck here..reading ppl's blog...

kenot blame me..i was too too too boring...

mp busy studying for their exam..

mq...busy with i am not sure what~~

there's no one to talk to me..i will go mad aka crazy this way...

so no choice but to read lo..hehehehe...

faster finish the exam le~~~:(

ooo..mayb i should go n play counter strike~!!wee~~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

its ur birthday~

alright...i know its bit late..but...lalalala~~1/6/1987..he was born~~mmm...all thanks to mr n mrs koay i suppose~~:D

the celebration was held in mid valley..chili's..he was like talking about going there for weeks~!! neway there were 29 of them celebrating with him..he had to crack his head to remember who went so that he wont miss out sendingall of them a "thank you" message~

tada~~the whole group of human in a small room~

ok..from the beginning..i was asked to kiss him for like gosh~hundred times..kept repeating the same action cos they all always tak sempat take pic of us paiseh many ppl looking~!!!mmm..then after all the makan...couples were asked to take muakss muakss pictures again~!!

this picture is the best pic..there were so many unsuccessful attempt~hahahaha..

oh..i sengaja upload this cos look at whelan!!he looked like he wanted to kiss wai hou more then zhi yung funny!!

heehee.the missed out couple...they went dunno where when the all the couples were suppose to take picture...hehehehhe...

our batch next couple?????HAHAHAHAHAH~

woo...our batch...cutest "couple"~~hahahaha..kunyang..jangan marah if u read..."P

stephanie,iris, nee khong hern n us~

spider man~~!!!!we went to so many places to ask whether they sell this with our sizes...finally..we got them~!!!!

the girlssss~~~

the group who bought him his t shirt n lipsss tight boxes~~~hehehehhehe...they forced him to wear his boxes...

ooo...yea...wee kiat n baby looked so happy in this picture...ppl guess what were they doing?hehehe..wee kiat even told me that choon wee looked so happy with him~ish...dear wee kiat..u wan to own him????HAHAHAHHAHAHA~

then its brothers bao bei suli n leeming ming n shinyen..they gave him a sling bag by adidas...if u wanna see the bag...just go to his place in lecture hall...u will see it...he is using it now~hehehe...

oooo..then is was my turn to pass him his present...kekekekekekeke~~got this idea from kim kardasian..except that hers were all pictures of in sexy hot pictures...but mine is just like a calender with wat we did n the future~~hehehehe..enough timm next year sept..then it'll be another chapter..cos he will be going uk lu!!!to meet up with me!!hahahahha!!~

opps~he saw the price of the card...tsk tsk..wat face le...forgot to take off only ma...ish ish~

i had to bluff u for few says when u asked "what are u doing"...hahahaha...:P

hehehehe..hope that he like his present..guess what ppl..until now..i dunno whether he like it or not..what he felt n stuff like that..pathetic rite?tsk tsk..anyway...special thanks to kelvin n ejinq for always checking out on my progress~hahaha..guess they wanted their brother to be happy~:D

baby~hoped that u've enjoyed ur birthday yea~hehehehe..muakss!!~love u~<3<3<3

ooo~~this is my favourite picture~~~:)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

penang + sungai petani~

Last weeked, mummy,papa me n little sister went up to sungai petani to pick raquel up to go to penang for a makan-makan weekend..departed at quater to 12..reached sg petani at 4..since it was still early, so we went n makan bit first cos we didnt stop for lunch..ate kuih- muih,which is CHEAP!~~hahaha...after that,went AIMST to pick sister up..she finishes class at 5 everyday~then off we go to was jamm on the usual..tsk tsk..reached like 6 plus(got lost bit)..check in to vistana then rest while..then we went cousin told us to go to the side of the hotel,there's a restaurant selling nasi kayu penang..yum yum...the food was excellent~a good start!!then raquel out of a sudden felt like eating durian,so my dad went n buy durian...2 packets..rm 20 only~~!!!!damn cheap la...he bought manggis too!!we smuggled in the durian then happily enjoying them..i ate the MOST!!!!sssshhhh!!!!!

yum yum~~!!the durian was like my type wei!!!!!!sedap gila la!!

lalalala~1 packet gone~~in a flash!!

see~~!!!everyone is happy!!! finished his part of durian..usually he only eats a little so that we can eat more..hehehehe...

then the next day..ate breakfast in the hotel..lalala..the breakfast not much variety le..after that..went gurney...walk walk in the plaza..seriously..bit weird la..kl banyak shoppin,we go penang shop pula..hehehe.mum said in kl no time wor...neway bought my luaguage bag to uk edi..then after that we went back for lunch~ate em...asam laksa...not that nice..but boleh tahan la~hehe..then went back kejap...

ooo....the blue sister raquel..the white one..also my sister elaine~hehehe...

in the evening..we went for our dinner quite early cos the restaurant we are heading to are always full during dinner time..n if u wanna eat at 7plus,u got to book a table...hehe..the place is call dunno wat air somwthing..its in the YMCA small building in town...hahaha..i forgot...tsk tsk..but the food...yum yum yum~~sedap sedap~~~n not expensive..hehehe...we reached there at 5 minutes to 7,at 7pm sharp..those who wanna no more place..they had to wait wai t wait~~wee~~luckily...oh ya..did i mentioned taht we kept getting lost ..but luckily...we had a map...after having it..the getting lost probability reduce abit..ghahaha...penang everywhere looked the same la...faint~

ooo..the kangkung..nice...the chicken..yummy..the fish head(the restaurant are famous for) super nice..the popiah..walao...slurrpp~!!!hehehe..oy ya..the sambal..i think khong hern all wiull love...nice plus spicy with kapek usak...lagi nice~!!hahaha~

after that..we went to queensbay...bought my contact lenses there..then bought em..swimming suit..hhahahahah....faint~wanna swim ma~~:P...sister bought some stuff too..then daddy n mummy wanted to buy fruits for raquel...for her to bring back to her hostel..after that.. after that..balik n rest loo...

Next morning..went nearby coffe shop..called happy cafe for our breakfast..hahahaha..i finally got to eat my prawn mee(fu jian mian) ordered duck cos every1 there seems to order the duck came a 2 bowls of soup which em...i wanted to drink when i saw the soup...mana tahu dad ordered..hehehe~!!WEE~every1 knows i dun eat in i eat 1 then wont day,nobody wants to raquel n i had to eat that..i ate 1..the took the number 2 duck..then 3 then 4 then the list goes on!!~~wahahahaha..its nice la...really..they cooked ot so well!!!!!!yum!!!i want to eat it NOW!!!!!ish~

after that..we went back to the hotel...explore the hotel bit...

my mummy wanted to take picture with me...cos she said..i am elaving soon..also seldom take picture with me oo...hehehe...

hahahaha~guess y she bian zhui???hehee..cos mummy asked her to take picture for the three of us..below...n she wants to be in the picture..hehehehe..too bad lo~~:P

then after that..we  went back to pack our stuff loo~~~check out~

lalalala~my sister..on the bed oso wanna pose...tsk tsk tsk..

ooo..then while kind of

this picture damn funny..i wasnt ready...i was looking at elaine cos she was saying that i looked like a lizard...then look at her..hahaha..she looked like she was about to point middle finger~hahaha...oh btw...raquel..the ready one..she was the one holding the camera!!

trying to look like a fish...apparently...only elaine looked more like one~~~

ohoh..choon wee told me that his house is near all i can see is these i assume this is his la..hahahahahahahahahahaha~~~~3 storey ma...i only saw these houses has 3 tingkat~:P

then we went to town to buy some in makanana tempatan penang..then went n eat lunch..lalalala~guess wat..i ate fu jian mian again!!!agagagagaga~~n ojian..n wu dao gou (yam cake) n otak otak..(sucks)..hehehe..then off we sg petani~

on the way was jamm like dunno wat...took us quite long to reach kl~8 plus only reach..hehe..

my daddy~<3

us with pillows...i slpt n woke a thousand times..iwas still on the road....gosh~

finally..reached kl~!happy!!!!ooo..i ate dinner with shin yen chris and sook yee~they came n find lost along their way...hehehe...n oh..they ahd their chicken wings too...without me going with them...they are superb la!!!hahaha...:)

mmm...enjoyed the whole trip~!!!!!hehehe~

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Is this the moment
where i look you in the eye?

Forgive my broken promise
that you`ll never see me cry
And everything, it will surely
change even if i tell

you i won`t go away today
Will you think that you`re all alone
When no one`s there to hold your hand?
And all you know seems so far away
and everything is temporary rest your head
I`m permanent

I know he`s living in hell every single day
And so i ask oh god is there some way
for me to take his place
And when they say it`s all touch and go
i wish i could make it go away

But still you say
Will you think that you`re all alone
when no one`s there to hold your hand?
When all you know seems so far away
and everything is temporary, rest your head
I`m permanent
I`m permanent

Is the moment where i look you in the eye?
Forgive my promise that you`ll never see me cry