Monday, January 3, 2011

met up with chingyee chris cj...had a great catch up with them..not seeing them for a week was like not seeing them for a month...gosh...this is scary~its like i am very used to spending time with them every single time/ makes me feel like not wanting the time to pass so fast:( somehow i feel that after graduation..everyone will go on a different and separate ways..we wont be at the same place and we wont be able to meet up that often~
man!!i think its time to really really treasure our time together!!

even with choon wee...just dun feel like being in a different place after graduation~:(

well..this is life..all we can do now is to treasure everyone..treasure the time being together.:)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

two 0 one 0

so its already was ur 2010?

my 2010 was filled with alot alot of things..good and bad..

well..i can never forget those time since june..i could say that unexpected things just keep happening..
from relationship problems to losing 2 people that i really really not being able to go to sweden..
well..i really am very disappointed because everyone's plan went well..but not ours.. seeing other people uploading and talking about their trips made me even more em...SAD!but what to do?had to just bear with it until the topic becomes something boring right?i am sure that everything happens for a reason.. and I know that there is something better, planned ahead of us..for us~so fellow trip mates...we shall look forward to something even more interesting k?

as for the other things that had happened..they've changed me into becoming someone different..seeing things in a different angle and perpectives.. anyway...for main aim is to graduate and make my family proud! make my last 6 months in uni a worth remembering days! and of course...a year filled with God's blessing,grace,love and peace! till then!!toodles!:D

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy new year! So how was ur 21/12/2010? I'm sure no matter what kind of celebration it was,be it quiet noisy packed or em was surely a memorable one right?
mine was very unique and special~celebrated in edinburgh with my friends!!it was fantastic despite the cold(not very cold) and the crowd and the waiting..:) some said that they would rather save the money then spending it there..but was an experience that i will never forget :D !!

we are on the train heading to edinburgh~

this is phoebe tay aka love :D

choon wee and engseng
jeeyan kelvin krystal and jason.

After lining up for an hour to COLLECT our ticket,we headed to a punjabi were all very hungry!

Phoes and I had chicken was yyyuuummmmyyy!

then the 5 of them,choonwee jason jeeyan kelvin and krystal had mixed was really really filling!
after the dinner,we went to the street party..walked around and took pictures just to kill some time.:) some even discovered that they had talent in taking self-shots :P

my baby:D <3<3

and then when the clock strikes 12.."phew"...fireworks started shooting..:) it was so preettyy:)

then everyone started singing "Auld Lang Syne"

it was a very memorable celebration..there were some funny people around the streets..hahahah...totally enjoyed yesterday! i m sure jeeyan was super happy yesterday!hahahha..

so..em.i hope that everyone will have a great great year ahead k?lets make this year another memorable one again!:D