Saturday, February 13, 2010

dong dong dong qiang!

I am in Uk..
this is my first year far away from my mama papa sisters ah nei n everyone back home in kl n melaka~ooowwwhhhh...i sometimes hate these celebration cos it makes me super home sick!!!:( btw..i didnt get to buy any new clothes~sob!

anyway hope that everyone will be enjoying CNY to the fullest:)

take care~~muakss!*

due to laziness~

ok! i guess the title gave u some hint rite..i am super lazy to update bout london and birmingham if u guys would wan to noe..go to shien nee's chingyee's acc to seee those pic...

overall..the trip was gantastic..I THANK God for everything..He has provided me with alot of stuff~:)

anyway..i would love to go back to london again..seriously..oh btw..i met the long lost ming hui~:)

all of us misses him since he left/we left~hehehe...neway...GOOD TRIP PEOPLE!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 3~London~

the third day of the trip~~:)

we went to madamn tussauds ..Heard that it was a must to go..So we went there:)

Amitha Bachan:) ok I dunno why did i do that..but...heheh..

some guy~~~i didnt noe how to post with him~haha..u guys should see chingyee's..she was pretending that he wanted to molest her b**bS~

President Obama n his wife..

David beckham~

ok i am lazy to type edi~~:) just see la..igmore my face~:)

this is near china town..this guy is alive~:P

Then we went to st paul~me n nee..the church was pretty..huge n nice...St Paul has alot of churches...really alot~

After that...its dimsum time!!! was awesome~~:P super nice~atee alot...after that me n cy went n buy stuff...nee n kelvin didnt buy much~~OOO...we went n jalan jalan..of cos..we ate again..this time is you tiao...nee ate tou fu far~

oo then after this..we went into a restauran t to eat fried turnip cake..manatau their dimsum close...but then this guy very nice..he said last we ordered..was kind of happy that he took our orders...but who knows...this woman came n said we ordered too little..then she went away..then we ordered vege..then she came n said...oo the chef dun wan to its like asking us to leave!!! day one day...we will go back there...n eat!!!stupid woman...she is really like a b**** !!!! sorry for tat.. but the word suits her~~hehe..

neway this is near china town..this guy is alive~:P

After that we went n makan Gourment Burger Kitchen~~hehe...

after that we went back n balik rumah lo..we took a mercedes benz to the bus station~~:P hahaha...was kind of sad to leave london~:(

it was a great trip..we will be going back london again!!!soon soon soon~