Sunday, June 6, 2010

shifted house~

today,all of us shifted out from JBC(James Blyth Court) to TCC(Thomas Campbell Court)~
I've only did the 1st half which is from JBC to the small littlle hill,because I had to go to China Buffet King to work.It was my first time.I was a little nervous but it went all okie although it was very tiring.I had to work/stand since i got there until the end of my shift.

The way back home was pretty long because I had to rest a couple of time.I was too tired and my legs were very painful.After reaching home,I had to clear things and get my things from some of my frens.
Oh by the way,the back of my foot has a huge blister,it was very painful when water "touches" it.I was practically screaming in the toilet while I was taking my shower!

Anyway crystal gave me some medicine to apply,hopefully the blister will be okie by tomorrow.

I'm sleeping now..I need a very good rest as I need to go church early in the morning tomorrow.I'm the usher for tomorrow's event.:)

Good night yea~

p/s:its the 18th month edi!!:):) love u!!<3<3

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


today is ur day!! happy birthday koaychoonwee!!*muakss*

still remember last year's birthday?it was my first time celebrating with you right?

this year the timing is abit off...nevermind la..there is always a chance hor~:P


I know that ur brothers are all not in kl~

ur girlfriend is also 100000000 km away~

no celebration at all??

butbut nevermind..we will be meeting up very soon!!!


cant wait to see u this 9th !!<3<3
cannot bully me yea..must sayang till hangus~:P
enjoy malaysia gaogao before u come because u are going to miss malaysia when u r here~
mmm..but mayb u wont~~cos its fun here!!:)

happy birthday yea ribeena!
have a superb year ahead and may u stay en ai with ur ahem la~:P
have a safe flight too!

I love u!:) <3<3