Saturday, March 28, 2009

my fingers are feeling so uneasy..~~weird weird de..(no udang allowed)

tsk tsk tsk...guess wat..i am bored ...nobody to chat with..hehe..feeling super weird,like something is missing~~~

reach penang le ma?fast fast reach

nobody to sms with very kelian le..:(

then nobody waits for u to slp and sms with u till u fall asleep oso very charm le...

:( ''/ ''( time i go uk..then how???kenot sms for NINE months!!!kenot see for NINE MONTHS!!!!nobody will wait till i slp for NINE MONTHS!!!!nobody how how????sobsobsob...big sob...T.T

baby~~~message me when u reach naa...:(

save journey back there..see ya on mon k?

muaaaahhhhhh muaaahhhhh..*squeeze*hug tight tight*

Thursday, March 26, 2009

American idol!!!~~~~

these are the top 13 of this year's american left with emememem...10...hahaha...

anyway this season of american idol..i am supporting 2 of them...the first 1 is my number 2 idol...Adam lambert...he caught my attention when he sang tracks of my tears...superly "wen rou"..kenot even imagine that a rocker  type of guy/singer could sing such song in such a way...melted down by his performance...:)

ok i noe this picture he looked biy gay...but then trust me..if he smiles..he is not bad looking oh...charming...~~:) neway Wednesday night was “American Idol’s” annual salute to the music of Motown, and the standout performer wasn’t one that most would have expected.

The prospect of Adam Lambert singing “Tracks of My Tears” brought back memories of last week, when Lambert entertained the audience but stunned Randy Travis into silence after his unique take on “Ring of Fire.” After rehearsals, which saw Lambert strip down the song and make it slower and sweeter, guest mentor Smokey Robinson said, “I’ve never heard it sung like that,” which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

But Lambert stole the show with his slow and sweet performance. The big shock, however, was the look. Lambert looked as if he had travelled back to the 1950s, with hair slicked back with enough grease to keep a car running for three months or 3,000 miles.

see...his usual look....the naughty rocker style...heee..i kind of em em it!!!hahahahaaha...bad boy!!~~


presenting to u....the next AMERICAN IDOL~~!!


well at least in my heart he is the next american his voice..his's awesome!!!!~~~

anyway his wife passed away just 4 weeks before the audition...hmmm...having strong passion for music i think...:)

so...ppl..if u got the american idol season8 k?they are all good singers...heehee...n most of DANNY~~

Friday, March 20, 2009


just had two weeks of stressful,tiring,boring study break....sob...nearly die there...finally...done with eos...~~~

how was it?it was HARD!!!!!

gosh...dunnno wat will the lecturer think when he /she mark my paper...hehe...faint...

neway its sem break now...must enjoy to the fullest!!!going redang with batch mates in2 weeks time..cant wait cant wait ~~!!

ohoh...i got lots of stuff to do le this sem break..spend time with every1....gosh...hate to noe that i will be going uk soon!!!!ish....sob...must treasure every minute every second le... :( low ming time rite..i will write at the title there saying...udang not allowed to read..too detailed edi...hehe..then u dun read oh...