Sunday, May 24, 2009


"baby u need to do 5000 sit ups,run 12km a day..exercise ur back....ish ish ish...and push ups...not confirm yet..."

yee....according to him...i need  to do that..then in 1 month time...i will be like em...a lidi?haha...

even my sister said that i've pun on weight since imu cup ended last year...yee..she even asked baby to control wat i eat...ish~~then the funniest thing is that if i eat alittle..they'll start asking wat's wrong with me..hahahahhahaha~~

for ur info....i got all these weight its all cos of UuuUUu baby~~!!always feeding me...ish i have to work extra hard liao...sobsob...

according to chirs...those who has a boyfriend or a galfriend will grow fatter~ish...

p/s:i love food~~:(

Sunday, May 17, 2009

bad day~

went movie yesterday..n during the movie..i was feeling unwell..actually it has been like a week..but then nothing after the movie..went n ate dinner..then as time passes head started to make me go "wooo"...

i was having fever...sobsob..n the worst thing is..i will be having my competition the next brought me to the clinic..checked..then he went home to pack some stuff to jaga me~~~:D :D...

aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...sweet~~could feel the sweetness behind the bitterness..hehe....<3<3<3>

it was a great game...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA..... love my team~~!!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


its kind of late..but then late is better then never rite..hehe..i went to leehon's concert on the 2nd of May..with~~~Choon wee~~~<3<3

at first i was hesitating..not sure whether to go anot..then on wed,we wanted to buy the ticket..then on the way out,i suddenly decided not to buy~mmm...sis told me that i should keep the money..alot of them also say if i dun wanna go its ok cos i have been to his concert before..then tat moment i have made up my mind...not to go~so baby went lunch with brothers~i went n sing k with sisters~
then on my way to pyramid...the radio kept advertising his concert..i alwys change the station whenever its his advertisement..haha...neway the next took my lab spec..trying on..i didnt suspect anything..until 2 hours later..after our class..wai hou suddenly ask me to check whether i took my lab spec..then tat aw the tickets..inside the plastic bag..~~i was~~~sosososososososososososososossssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooosssssssssooooo*touch*
i teared~~(wendy a..teared cos i was toucjed hor..summore can ask y i teared:P)hehe...seriously touched~~!!!thank u so much baby~hehe..he told me that he bought the tickets yesterday..he "lied" to me that he was sleeping~~~><
here's some pictures~~his theme was super heroes as he liked to read comics since young..
he is called...the "MUSIC MAN"

entering with his baby guitar~~!!!

he was singing "change me"..then he sort of perfrom like his mv..all four of them on stage was him..haha..quite cool la...this is "xiao li" the drummer...there's also "xiao hong" "xiao wang" n the main singer...leehom~~hahaha..

he was playing "when u wish upon a star" very very romantic~~~aaawwwwwwwww~~

he was trying to see his fans ~~

"ni bu zai"..his singing ..its like the same as his cd~~super chun~!!


"gai shi ying xiong"

"xing zhong de ri yue"

"fang kai ni de <3">

this part rite..he suddenly disappear in the box on the stage..then he appeared like damn near to where we were usual..every1 went "aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~~!!!!!!! *faint*"

"love u = love me"

"wanna kiss u all but then there this virus call its safer to kiss like this "muakss through mic"..hahahahah...nice~~
"kiss goodbye"

hee..the guy who have made my  wish come true~~~

p/s:thank u baby for everything~love u lots~~<3
brandon thanks for those pictures oh...