Tuesday, October 18, 2011

spending time at home.

Been staying at home most of the time since I got back.Reason1 is because I do not have a car,hence I can't go out as I please. Reason 2: I am very lazy and do not have the mood to hang out with friends:P Anyhow,staying at home is not as bad as I thought,although it is a little bit boring at times,but I feel that it is nice to just rest and relax before I face the real world.:)

But nowadays I feel that I would like to work to earn some income as year end is coming,there will be so many events like christmas, birthdays, anniversary:P. Not only that, I need to move and use my brain to prevent it from becoming rusty and of course to see how a pharmacy runs. well well, just hope that I could get a job offer soon~:)

Anyway,last sunday ,church had a small presentation about going for mission trips to cambodia,nepal, sarawak etcetc.. Well,after watching/ seeing the presentation, I think I would like to go for MCPP1 this NOV to be taught and trained on what to do when I go for a mission trips.I am excited to go~~ Hopefully that I will be ready by then:D:D

oh, one more thing, ching yee will be leaving for UK this wednesday. Aikss! :( So sad to see her leave. But a year is quite fast, I just hope that she will enjoy working there and not miss home too much:P

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