Tuesday, November 9, 2010

feeling rather stress!

hola!hows everyone doing?

been so tired, i think its cos that my days are always filled with workshops,labs,subway(job),introduction!!! feeling rather stress these days!:(
thinking that i need to really manage my time properly as i am also working part time really makes my stress level fly sky high ..not sure y but yea.....one word-STRESS!!!

anyway i guess its common to be this stess as years goes by rite:P more responsibility!

well...recently grandma passed away,i didnt get the chance to see her b4 the burial as i am in scotland. I have been praying for her and those back home.its so sad that i've lost or rather we've lost two person that we've loved in just less then 4 months.T.T

well..its weird how human beings can act on certain things/issues...sometimes I just could'nt believe that life is like what i see on tv (HK TVB dramas) tsktsk!

anway...got to manage and do what i should do~~:) pray for me k?:D